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Guide Magazine

pubname                : The Guide Magazine
company                : Fidelity Publishing
name                   : Edward Hougen
title                  : Publisher
submitemail            : theguide@guidemag.com
editorname             : French Wall
editoremail            : theguide@guidemag.com
advertname             : Robert Stevens
advertemail            : theguide@guidemag.com
address                : 8 Concord Square
apt                    : #2
city                   : Boston
state                  : MA
zip                    : 02118
phone                  : 617-266-8557
fax                    : 617-266-1125
email                  : theguide@guidemag.com
www                    : www.guidemag.com
adinfo                 : na
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Monthly
format                 : 8x10
circulationarea        : International
PaidCirculation        : 4000
FreeCirculation        : 26000
MARKET : A monthly gay travel, entertainment, politics and sexual liberation journal, featuring monthly feature articles, and ongoing photo and advertising coverage of cities throughout N. America, Europe, Australia. Also feature articles, news analysis, book and film reviews (mainline and erotic), columns, personals, 130-148pp-newsprint with 4color glossy cover. Primary focus on gay men (and women's bars that welcome men) with widespread advertising support from bars, clubs, guesthouses, bath houses, and retail shops that wish to reach them. Travel listings and 20 or more maps from N.Am, European, Australian cities that we cover and to which we distribute. In business for over 18 years, evolving from a local bar publication in Boston to the international focus today. Website (guidemag.com) since 1996 with a major overhaul/modernization soon to be launched-will carry even more complete archive of previously published material including photos, than that of current site. Experienced staff: veterans of 20-25 years of gay publishing and political activism that strives to serve the needs of gay business concerns as well as inform and entertain the general gay population. Largest centers of coverage and bulk distribution:

Boston, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida (South & Central), California (SD, LA, SF, PS), Texas (Houston, Dallas, Austin), Atlanta. With lesser volume to:Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Denver, St Louis, Kansas City, Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Dayton, Akron), Indianapolis, New Orleans, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney, Quebec, Washington DC. Also subscriptions and retail distribution throughout N. America.

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