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Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages

publication_name = Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages
company = Mad Clik, Inc.
name = Cristina Martinez
title = Publisher/CEO
submiter_email = cristina@rainbowpages.net
editor_name = 
editor_email = 
ad_manager = 
ad_manager_email = 
address = 
suite/apt/addline2 = 
city = 
state = NA
country = USA
zip/postalcode = 
phone = Corp.281 997-9778
fax = Corp.281 997-7998
submission_email = info@rainbowpages.net
www_url = www.rainbowpages.net
adinfo_url = www.rainbowpages.net
listing_type = Directory or Guide - Regional
publication_frequency = Yearly Journal
format = 6x9
circulation_area = Multiple cities in one state
paid_circulation = 
free_circulation = 100,000
estimated_readership = 250,000
circulation_audit = Unaudited but print bill or other evidence upon request
demographics = 
base_displayad_rate = $300 - $2500
color-availability = Full Color- ROP (Run of Publication)
classified_ads_rate = 
yes_classifieds_online = 
no_classifieds_not_online = 
adultcontentaccepted = 
Adult_Content_NOT_Accepted = 
adult_content_in_separate_section = 
No_Adult_Content_Section = 
market_mission = Not long ago, the Gay American market was undocumented and unreachable. No one in main stream America had the foresight to see the value of this market niche. Today, numerous research reports are clearly defining and validating the market. Gay media companies are providing local, national and global reach into this market for the very first time. Marketing executives at Fortune 500 companies are recognizing the opportunity and taking action. Attitudes are changing. Gay Americans are more accepted in media, politics and boardrooms. As of today, 58% of Fortune 500 companies offer domestic partner benefits. As acceptance grows, companies are successfully reaching out to gay customers by expanding the national advertising and direct marketing budgets that are directed toward this market niche. Companies that recognize the value of niche marketing know that one of its many rewards is customer loyalty and retention. Becoming the premier ?gay-friendly company in a market category has proven to be a successful strategy for Absolut, American Airlines, Bridgestone and Miller Brewing Company. These companies were first in their respective categories to identify the value of the Gay American market, and have captured valuable market share at the expense of their competitors through successful long-term marketing programs. At the Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages we strive to understand the economics of your business, and we work with you to deliver your desired results. ur philosophy is to provide the best customer service & support and to surprise and delight our cutomers by exceeding their expectations. Our goal is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with ad agencies and with our customers. We work together with our advertisers to develop effective marketing programs and we provide ongoing recommendations to optimize campaigns. At the Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages an insertion order is viewed as the beginning of a long-term relationship, not the end. As a result, our advertiser renewal rate is exceptional.

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