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Family & Friends

Publication_Name       : Family & Friends
Company                : A & P Publications, Inc.
Name                   : Anita Moyt
Title                  : Managing Editor
Submiter_email         : FamilyMag@aol.com
Editor_Name            : Anita Moyt
Editor_Email           : FamilyMag@aol.com
Ad_Manager             : Anita Moyt
Ad_Manager_Email       : FamilyMag@aol.com
Address                : P O Box 771948
Suite/Apt/Add Line 2   : 
City                   : Memphis
State                  : TN
Country                : USA
zip/postalcode         : 38177-1948
phone                  : (901) 682-2669
fax                    : (901) 685-2234
Submission_Email       : FamilyMag@aol.com
www_url                : 
adinfo_url             : 
Listing_Type           : GLBT Print Publication
Publication_Frequency  : Monthly
Format                 : 8x10.5
Circulation_Area       : Multi-State
Paid_Circulation       : none
Free_Circulation       : 5,000
Estimated_Readership   : 12,500
Circulation_Audit      : Unaudited
Demographics           : 
Base_DisplayAd_Rate    : Full page, 1/2 Page, 1/4 Page, 1/8 Page, Color Available
Classified_Ads_Rate    : none
classy_online          : No_Classifieds_Not_Online
adult_content          : Adult Content NOT Accepted
adult_section          : No Adult Content Section

MARKET_MISSION : Family & Friends is a monthly magazine targeting the Memphis & Mid-South gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and gay-friendly reader. Family & Friends seeks to inform our readers about current events, but with a local viewpoint. Family & Friends is distributed not only in the city of Memphis, but in the surrounding area, thus reaching as far as Little Rock, Ark., Cape Girardeau, Mo., Nashville, Tenn. and Jackson, Miss. The magazine also is distributed in Alabama and Atlanta, Ga.

In the three years that Family & Friends has been in existence, we have been honored to have won four awards already. These include second place for the 1998 Vice Versa Award for Best Editorial, 1999 Vice Versa Award for Best New Publication, and the 2000 Memphis Pride, Inc. award for best publication in Memphis. In February, 2001, Family & Friends was awarded the Leadership Award by the Mystic Krewe of Memphis United.


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