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fab! Los Angeles

Publication_Name       : fab! Los Angeles
Company                : MDMA Publishing Inc
Name                   : Mark Ariel
Title                  : Co-publisher/Editor-In-Chief
Submiter_email         : editor@gayfab.com
Editor_Name            : Mark Ariel
Editor_Email           : editor@gayfab.com
Ad_Manager             : Bryan Jones
Ad_Manager_Email       : editor@gayfab.com
Address                : 6363 Wilshire Blvd
Suite/Apt/Add Line 2   : Suite 350
City                   : Los Angeles
State                  : CA
Country                : USA
zip/postalcode         : 90048
phone                  : 323-655-5716
fax                    : 323-655-1408
Submission_Email       : editor@gayfab.com
www_url                : www.gayfab.com
adinfo_url             : www.gayfab.com

Listing_Type           : GLBT Print Publication
Publication_Frequency  : Every Two Weeks
Format                 : Tabloid
Circulation_Area       : Choose One
Paid_Circulation       : 800
Free_Circulation       : 24,200
Estimated_Readership   : 75,000
Circulation_Audit      : Unaudited but print bill or other evidence upon request
Demographics           : go to:  www.gayfab.com
Base_DisplayAd_Rate    : go to:  www.gayfab.com
Classified_Ads_Rate    : go to:  www.gayfab.com
classy_online          : Yes_Classifieds_Online
adult_content          : Adult Content Accepted
adult_section          : Adult Content in Separate Section
MARKET_MISSION : fab! is L.A.ís Only Gay & Lesbian Bi-Weekly Newspaper. With a monthly circulation of 50,000 copies, fab! is distributed at over 400 distribution points throughout Southern California, including gay and mainstream establishments and exclusively at major newsstands.

fab! is also L.A.ís only gay publication with an ever growing list of subscribers, who receive the newspaper in the mail. fab! covers the news that concerns the gay community. We focus on exclusive news items and features, innovative investigative reporting and also offer a slew of fresh, exciting columns and sections dealing with finance, law, travel, health, lifestyle, home, entertainment and more.

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