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Publication_Name: Eclipse

Company: Window Media LLC

Name: Eric J. May

Title: Marketing Director

Submiter_email: emay@window-media.com

Editor_Name: Chris Crain

Editor_Email: editor@eclipse-mag.com

Ad_Manager: Peter Jackson

Ad_Manager_Email: pjackson@window-media.com

Address: 1075 Zonolite Rd.

Suite/Apt/Add Line 2: Suite 1-D

City: Atlanta

State: GA

Country: USA

zip/postalcode: 30306

phone: 404-876-1819

fax: 404-876-2709

www_url: www.eclipse-mag.com

adinfo_url: www.window-media.com/adinfo.html

Listing_Type: GLBT Print Publication

Publication_Frequency: Weekly

Format: 8x10

Circulation_Area: Regional

Free_Circulation: 40,000

Estimated_Readership: 100,000

Circulation_Audit: Choose One

Color-Availability: Full Color- ROP (Run of Publication)

classy_online: No_Classifieds_Not_Online

adult_content: Adult Content Accepted

adult_section: No Adult Content Section

KEYWORDS: Eclipse, Eclipse Magazine, Georgia, New Orleans, Texas, Houston

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