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Echelon Magazine

publication_name = Echelon Magazine
company = Lamb Communications
name = Michael Lamb
title = Publisher
submiter_email = info@echelonmagazine.com
editor_name = Jonuel Pozo
editor_email = editorial@echelonmagazine.com
ad_manager = Joseph Bennarroch
ad_manager_email = advertising@echelonmagazine.com
address = 6420 West 6th Street
suite/apt/addline2 = 
city = Los Angeles
state = CA
country = 
zip/postalcode = 
phone = 323-653-1960
fax = 
submission_email = info@echelonmagazine.com
www_url = www.echelonmagazine.com
adinfo_url = www.echelonmagazine.com
listing_type = GLBT Print Publication
publication_frequency = Every Two Months
format = 8x11
circulation_area = Nationwide (U.S.)
paid_circulation = 40,000
free_circulation = 10,000
estimated_readership = 100,000
circulation_audit = Audited
demographics = SUBSCRIBER
base_displayad_rate = $5,000
color-availability = Full Color- ROP (Run of Publication)
classified_ads_rate = 
yes_classifieds_online = 
no_classifieds_not_online = 
adultcontentaccepted = 
Adult_Content_NOT_Accepted = 
adult_content_in_separate_section = 
No_Adult_Content_Section =
market_mission = America's business community realizes the vast economic rewards of marketing their products and services to the GLBT community. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Advertising Age have attested to the economic potential of this evolving market.

Media outlets directed towards the GLBT community are primarily political or entertainment oriented publications. The incredible contributions of the GLBT to America?s economy are going unnoticed. There is a need for a publication to bridge the gap between the GLBT professional business community and Corporate America.

The solution is Echelon.

Echelon is the only GLBT business magazine in America to serve the entrepreneur and the career professional.

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