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ARISE Magazine

pubname                : ARISE Magazine
company                : ARISE Publications INC.
name                   : MacArthur H. Flournoy
title                  : Publisher
submitemail            : arisemagazine@aol.com
editorname             : MacArthur H. Flournoy
editoremail            : mhflournoy@aol.com
advertname             : Glenn Alexander
advertemail            : arisemagazine@aol.com
address                : 2121 Peralta Street
Suite/Apt/Add Line 2   : Suite 126
city                   : Oakland
State                  : CA
Country                : USA
zip/postalcode         : 94607
phone                  : 510 663-2743
fax                    : 510 663-2742
email                  : 
www                    : arisenow.com
adinfo                 : 
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Monthly
format                 : Size Not Listed
circulationarea        : Multi-State
PaidCirculation        : 
FreeCirculation        : 65000
circulationadudit      : Unaudited but print bill or other evidence upon request
Demographics           : African American Gay lesbian progressive informed and cultured community
BaseAdRate             : Rates range from one time quarter page ad @ $200 to 1950 for outside four color back cover
MARKET : Arise Magazine is a publication targeting the African American sexually diverse community. Essentially, we are targeting individuals 30 years old and above. Our readership are financially secure, committed to health and wellness and interested in multiple genres of literaturwe and the arts. Our mission is to provide a publication that is a progressive representation of the diversity within the African American gay lesbian and questioning community.

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