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Access Philadelphia

pubname                : Access Philadelphia
company                : Access Philadelphia
name                   : James Cruz
title                  : Editor
submitemail            : editor@accessphilly.net
editorname             : James Cruz
editoremail            : editor@accessphilly.net
advertname             : Vince Vaughan
advertemail            : ads@accessphilly.net
address                : 2 Penn Center Plaza
apt                    : Suite 200
city                   : Philadelphia
state                  : PA
zip                    : 19102
phone                  : 215-854-6447
fax                    : 509-694-1533
email                  : 
www                    : www.accessphilly.net
adinfo                 : http://www.accessphilly.net/mediakit
listingtype            : LGBT Print Publication
frequency              : Weekly
format                 : Tabloid
circulationarea        : City
PaidCirculation        : 
FreeCirculation        : 24700
MARKET : Access Philadelphia is the primary news and entertainment source for the LGBT community in Philadelphia. We offer news and information beyond the bedroom. Travel. Politics. Finance. Psychology. Entertainment. Special Events.

COMMENT : Access Philadelphia's online presence, www.accessphilly.net is the only truly interactive website serving the LGBT community in Philadelphia. We have chat rooms, discussion groups, message boards, real-time polls and online surveys. ommunity while keeping the magazine visually appealing and entertaining to its readership.

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