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Remove Listing

If you would like to remove a listing because the publication no longer exists or you are no longer associated with it, please visit our Listing Removal Page.

Add Print Publication

Use the first link to add a print publication to the Gay Media Database. If your publication is web-based only, use the web form below on this page.

Complete all fields of the form. The form information will, in the near future, be imported into a searchable database. If you leave a field blank, any searches based upon the field will not return results. In the contact section, even if the same person handles all the positions, full information must be entered in each field.

If you do not know the information requested, you probably should have a more qualified person complete the form. Keep in mind that the purpose of this form is to provide information to potential advertisers and advertising agencies. Leaving important fields blank or providing inaccurate information will only damage your revenue opportunities and credibility.

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Add Electronic Media
If you are submitting electronic media please use this form. This form is for all electronic media including broadcast, cable, satellite, streaming video and radio, podcasts, video on demand, rss feeds, etc.

Complete all fields of the form. Carefully select from the pull down menus of selections.

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Add News Web Site
If you do not produce a printed paper publication and are not a broadcast outlet, please complete the web site form linked below. This form is for web-based news outlets and sites providing significant news type resources to the gay/lesbian community. This database is not for e-commerce sites, adult sites, and the like which have some insignificant news content. Keep in mind this database has two purposes. First, it is to provide relevant information to potential advertisers. Your site should be selling banner ads and/or other types of advertising opportunities. Second, it is to provide information to individuals looking for news and resources content. All submissions are reviewed and subject to the approval of the editor.

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Publication Subscription Database

GayData is offering a database of subscription information so that interested individuals can quickly locate publications of interest and find out how to subscribe, together with costs, methods of signup and payment.

The GayData site offers the media database as a free service to publications.

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