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These are news releases sent out by the GLINN News Distribution Service, from newest to oldest during 2005. Releases from previous years are linked at the top of this page. This is a representative sample. Thank you for your interest.


Contact: Justin R. Cannon
email: admin@gayharmony.net
website: https://www.gayharmony.net


Justin R. Cannon, founder of TruthSetsFree.net, announced this holiday season the launch of www.GayHarmony.net. The site's introduction to the web marks it as the Internet's only devoted gay Christian matchmaking site. Cannon explains, "Most GLBTQ Christians are excluded from joining Christian personals sites, and gay and other personals sites aren't structured to meet their specific needs. The growing gay Christian demographic deserves a welcoming safe place tailored just for us."

GayHarmony.net emerged out of Cannon's own recognition of the lack networking presence on the web for meeting other gay Christians. GayHarmony.net is not just for those looking for a life partner; but provides an opportunity to find friends or even a Bible study partner. Cannon is currently offering users free unlimited-access memberships for a limited time as GayHarmony.net grows its database.

Cannon launched an informational website earlier this year, under his ministry TruthSetsFree.net (https://www.truthsetsfree.net). The website distributes his recently printed study, "The Bible, Christianity, & Homosexuality," which looks closely at the six Bible 'clobber passages' often used to condemn gays. His study reveals how misinterpretation of these passages has resulted in the marginalization of gays in the Church. Cannon's efforts have been featured in the prominent gay newsmagazine The Advocate, and an editorial in the LA Times. He has been interviewed on The Michelangelo Signorile Show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, along with other radio shows, and is a becoming a requested speaker at gay and gay Christian events.

GayHarmony.net is the Internet's only devoted gay Christians matchmaking site and already boasts nearly 600 active members.

Justin Cannon, 21 years old, spent 11 years of his young life in an intentional Christian community in the inner city of Detroit. Now he is majoring in French with minors in both Religion and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at Earlham College. Raised in the Episcopal Church, later interest in Catholic, Orthodox, and Quaker theologies have him led towards an ecumenical perspective that recognizes a deep sense of unity among Christians that transcends the walls of denominations. After he graduates, he plans to attend seminary to pursue priesthood in the Episcopal Church.

GayHarmony.net Banner Ad: https://www.gayharmony.net/BANNER.jpg
Photo of founder Justin R. Cannon: https://truthsetsfree.net/justin-cannon.jpg

Workshops, events and links to pictures and video located below. Interested Press who need more pictures or information should contact: Garvey Rich @ Garvoir@WeAreAllGurus.com or 646.216.8397

Hot Nude Yoga founder Aaron Star Releases debut four disc DVD Box Set for the 2005 Holiday & January 2006 Get In Shape Season

*Sexy All Male Gay Videos Are Packed With Quality Yoga Instruction*

New York - December 6, 2005 - Hot Nude Yoga founder Aaron Star has teamed up with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy director Michael Selditch and award-winning producer and editor, Rob Tate to present a four DVD Hot Nude Yoga box set featuring quality yoga instruction along with sexy young men demonstrating the positions nude. Thus, making it much easier for the gay man to stay focused and discover the benefits of Yoga, Hot & Nude, like most of the finer things in life. Beautifully shot in widescreen format, these comprehensive video's that make up the box set, Virgin, Strength, Partner and Tantra play like a documentary while providing quality yoga instruction. The men arrive at Aaron's sun-filled loft in the heart of Chelsea, and the hand-held cameras seem to be everywhere at once, as the students warmly greet one another and take off their clothes for a delicious yoga session with Aaron.

The Hot Nude Yoga series begins with VIRGIN, Disc 1, designed for the beginner yoga student, or the yogi who wishes to take a more gentle approach to his practice. Playfully titled Virgin since nobody ever forgets their first Hot Nude Yoga class. Disc 2 is STRENGTH. This body strengthening workout provides a challenge, pushing the limits, while offering detailed instruction on how to improve ones yoga postures. Disc 3 is PARTNER. This exciting program is designed to be practiced entirely with another person. Partners will be guided through an enjoyable sensual experience of touch and body contact, helping manipulate each other into yoga postures they would never have been able to achieve on their own.

Disc 4 is TANTRA, This fourth DVD cannot be purchased on its own and is only available in the box set. In this exclusive session, Aaron teaches many of the techniques featured in his Hot Nude Yoga classes with an emphasis on mutual body contact. Taking up where the PARTNER disc leaves off, TANTRA promotes and encourages touch and breath, while arousing all ones senses. This practice is a unique way for partners to take their relationships to a higher, more sensual plane while infusing a touch of spirituality into their sex life. Shot on a crisp autumn evening in Aaron's moonlit Hot Nude Yoga studio in Chelsea New York, this beautiful yoga DVD is the perfect compliment to every yoga practice or date that never leaves the house.

You might have heard rumblings about Aaron Star's Hot Nude Yoga classes. Maybe you've thought about taking a class or wish you could be a fly on the wall, but either don't live in New York City or are new to yoga and a bit bashful. Excuses no more. For the first time ever, Aaron has opened his private sensual yoga classes to a film crew and chosen a hand-picked group of students to get nude in front of the cameras so home viewers can learn and participate in a real Hot Nude Yoga class.

Aaron Star has been running his Hot Nude Yoga classes in New York City since 1998. He also runs retreats and teacher training workshops in Paris, London, Costa Rica, Hawaii and exotic locations such as Ohio, Texas, Baltimore and every where else in North America where gay men can be found. New groups of men in smaller Gay communities than NYC continue to form under Aaron's guidance to practice Hot Nude Yoga.

The Hot Nude Yoga box set retails for $89.99. Virgin and Strength are $29.99 each and Partner is $39.99. Tantra can only be purchased with the box set. The videos will be in stores as of January 1, 2006 and are currently available on the web at: HotNudeYoga.com, TLA.com and Amazon.com.

For PRESS & MEDIA Information ONLY: Please Contact: Garvey Rich - 646-216-8397 - Garvoir@WeAreAllGurus.com

Interested Students should log on to www.HotNudeYoga.com.

Link to DVD preview: https://www.hotnudeyoga.com/HNY-DVD/hny-trailer04.mov

DVD Box Cover Picture: https://www.hotnudeyoga.com/Images/Hot-Nude-Yoga-DVD-Box-Set-Cover.jpg

Please email for larger or print ready photos. Thank you.

Up Coming Hot Nude Yoga Events and Retreats:

Begin to remove the layers of stress within your body and mind. . Jan 4- Feb 8, 2006 - Beginner Workshop Series - Hot Nude Yoga Studio NYC

Come to one session, or all eight. Each Session will stand on its own, and will also be a continuing series.

We will explore all yoga postures you will encounter in Hot Nude Yoga, and most other yoga classes elsewhere (that are clothed.) More importantly, you will be able to take this home with you and further your yoga practice on your own.

In coming to this workshop series you will not only develop a better sense of of posture within yoga and outside of yoga, you will also have a sense of how energy moves in your body.

For those who have been practicing for a while, this workshop will deepen your understanding of the postures and how to do them correctly. (Please see questions and answers below.)

Dates for the workshop series:

Wednesday Nights: @ 7:00 pm January 4 - Febraury 8 (come between 6:45and 6:55).

January 28 & 29 Columbus, Ohio

Hot Nude Yoga Founder, Aaron Star, Comes To Columbus To Host A Two Day Naked Tantra Workshop, Saturday January 28 & 29

*Host of the 'Hot Nude Yoga' DVD Series Comes to Columbus*

Aaron Star, the sexy 33 year old creator of the New York City phenomenon, Hot Nude Yoga, is hosting an all male nude yoga workshop in Columbus, Ohio 28th - 29th September 2005, in conjunction with Paul from Yoga Shiva, and their Nude Yoga Group. As the nude yoga phenomena continues to grow within the gay community, Men have already signed up to take this two day course where according to Star, men will "learn how to live a more orgasmic life."

HNY was started by Aaron in 2001 and has been a huge success. Aaron has taken elements of Ashtanga Yoga, Tantra, Kundalini and Contact Yoga and fused them into a unique style of yoga for Gay Men. Building on the success of the underground sensation, he has developed a huge following of students at his Chelsea warehouse space in New York and teaches at workshops all over the World.

Aaron is very excited to be coming to Ohio. "I believe. Gay men all over the world are searching for different ways to relate to each other, this is especially true of smaller gay communities than in New York or London."

Aaron Star has been running his Hot Nude Yoga classes in New York City since 1998. He also runs retreats and teacher training workshops in Paris, London, India, Costa Rica, Hawaii and exotic locations such as Ohio, Texas, Baltimore and every where else in North America where gay men can be found. New groups of men in smaller Gay communities than NYC continue to form under Aaron's guidance to practice Hot Nude Yoga. Aaron is also a host of the 2006 Egyptian International Yoga Festival.

This full afternoon workshop dives into the heart and philosophy of Hot Nude Yoga, using Tantra - yoga's most comprehensive and profound approach. A unique opportunity to deepen your yoga practice while immersing yourself in an environment of beautiful and supportive men.

Saturday, January 28, 2005 - 8:30 - 11:30 , 1:00 - 4:00
Sunday, January 29, 2005 - 8:30 - 11:30, 1:00 - 3:30

Interested Students should check out: HotNudeYoga.com or YogaShivaColumbus.com Contact Info: 614.228.6799, E-mail: yogin@yogashivacolumbus.com Yoga Studio Address: 689 Oak Street, Columbus, OH 43215-3966

Cost for the weekend - $155 before Jan 13, 2006 $180 after Jan 14, 2006

. February 11 - 18, 2006 Hawaii Valetine's Retreat

Bring a Valentine on your yogic Journey to Hawaii, or be a Valentine in paradise.

Relax, rejuvenate and energize your mind, body and soul in the paradise called Hawaii & Hot Nude Yoga.

When: Feb. 11 - Feb. 18 - 2006

The focus for this week of bliss will the be the integration of a yogic lifestyle into your everyday life, lead by Aaron Star and Jared Sam. Throughout the week, we will be offering morning yoga sessions as well as afternoon or evening every day. The sessions will center around unlocking your latent potential and to learn how to use Yoga as a springboard for life-enhancing empowerment.

The afternoons will be left for you to enjoy the sun, surf, and all the beauty that Hawaii has to offer. When there are no sessions, we will either take an excursion to exploring some of Hawaii's ancients treasures, or you can take your own excursion and experience some of her beauty -- her volcano's, her waters and wildlife.

If you are considering joining us, you should already have experience practicing yoga. Be prepared for a week in one of the most beautiful and remote places in Hawaii. There is no room service, and many cell phones don't work in the area, (there is wireless internet service for those who have their own laptops,) and while there is no mini bar, you will be surrounded by beauty.

You may also stay and extra week and do our Hot Nude Yoga Teachers Training Intensive in Hawaii.

Where are we staying?

KALANI, Hawaiian for "heaven on earth," is located on the lush, tropical southeast coast of Hawaii, the Aloha State's "Big Island." KALANI uniquely celebrates nature, culture and wellness by providing a variety of eco-adventures, events and comfortable accommodations. For over 30 years, KALANI has been a soulful place of refuge and renewal for worldwide guests.

What to expect?

Throughout the day, you will enjoy some of the finest culinary offerings in all of Hawaii at Kalani. The meals prepared by Kalani chefs are sure to be a highlight of your stay. Scrumptious vine-ripened produce, such as fresh papaya, pineapple, bananas, yams and breadfruit will enhance the predominantly vegetarian cuisine. Dinner will include a fish or poultry option for the more carnivorously inclined.

As for the local beauty, gorgeous sandy beaches will be at your disposal. Although cars are not needed, you may rent a car so you can take your touring farther afield. You may want to visit the beautiful Green Sand Beach, see the live Volcano, go 14,000 feet up to Mauna Kea, or take a day trip up the beautiful coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

Rest and Relaxation

Unlike our other retreats, the focus of this retreat is not to workshop or yoga you to death. We will offer you a robust daily yoga practice, and still give you ample time to enjoy the luscious and serene beauty of this tropical paradise.

Getting to Kalani

Getting to Kalani is really easy. Check with you air carrier on daily flights to Oahu, and then on to HILO on the Big Island of Hawaii. Once there, you can either rent your car at the airport, or you can share a Taxi with other Hot Nude Yogi's to Kalani. You may also phone Kalani ahead of time and ask them to come and get you. Whatever you decide, we suggest you book your trip sooner than later as the prices of flights will go up in Feb. Please visit the Kalani website for more information on directions.

The Price Details

The price includes yoga instruction, a very fun waterfall excursion, (and possibly others,) three delicious healthy meals a day, (optional fish and poultry provided,) and accommodations for 7 nights and 7 days. Please read through ALL of the options and pricing below. We do have some very different options as the Price can Vary from $1100 - $2800 depending on which option you choose.

For More information visit: HotNudeYoga.com

. February 18 - 25, 2006 Hawaii Teacher Training

Hawaii HNY Teacher Training - Feb 18 - 25

A level One HNY Teacher Training:

Get yoga training in one of the most beautiful places on earth! Email us to register and put down your deposit.

Topics covered:

The elements of putting together a Hot Nude Yoga class.

You will receive specifically crafted sequences of what to teach in your classes and how to teach them. This includes partner yoga poses, and how they can fit into your classes seamlessly.

How to create your own yoga classes and sequences.

Deepen your understanding of Prana Yama, Yoga and Tantra. You will understand how these elements will further your own practice, and how they will create better HNY classes. How to adjust people safely.

Deepen your own experiences of Tantra Yoga - This understanding and cultivation of your practice will help you to become a better teacher, and practitioner of yoga.

The Price Details

The price includes the yoga instruction, three delicious healthy meals a day, (optional fish and poultry provided,) and accommodations for the dates listed.

Option A - one week - 40 credit hours Dates - Feb. 18 - 25 Cost - $1700

Option B - two weeks - 70 credit hours (This option includes the Hawaii Valentines Retreat.) Dates Feb. 11 - 25 Cost - $2500 This option will give you more hands on and practical experience during our Valentines week Retreat. You will work with Aaron closely in some of the sessions through the week to deepen your opportunity to practice adjustments, and study the sequences we will be doing.

. March 1 - 7, 2006 Egypt Yoga Festival Come with Aaron to Egypts first International Yoga Festival! Aaron has been asked to be a guest teacher for the very first Yoga Festival in Egypt. To read more about Aaron, please to his Profile Page.

For the first time in Egypt and the Middle East, T.E.N Tours Egypt is organizing Egypt's First International Yoga Festival during the time between March 1 to 7 2006. With an early start for Yoga and Meditation, and with healthy, delicious vegetarian foods, you will be offered a perfect chance for a life giving and renewing break in one of the magical cities on the Red Sea, Hurghada.

*** For those who are coming to see Aaron, in addition to experience the other incredible teacher's, please email to let us know as we will be arranging some very special classes for you!

September 2006 Himalayan Trek with Aaron>> A Guided Himalayan Indian Trek with Aaron

Discover the beauty and wonder of the Himalayas.

For centuries, the Himalayas have been the home to many spiritual aspirants and Yogi's. While many of us continue to wonder at their beauty and majesty, this is your chance not only to see the Himalayas, but to experience them as many pilgrims have and continue to do. You will travel to India with Aaron in style, and he will take you on many beautiful treks through the Himalayan Mountains. Along the way, you will discover the richness of this spiritually infused environment.

Having spent some considerable amount of time this past summer in the Himalayas doing research for this trip, I can not begin to tell you how special this area of the world is. I came back from the Himalayas with such energy and vitality, and with a very clear state of mind. If you have any inclination to go to India, come on this trip.

I will only be taking a mazimum number of fifteen people on this trip.

The Seven Points of Interest

Rishikesh - Being made famous in the sixties by the Beetles, Rishikesh is truly a heaven on earth. (Hot Nude Yoga is currently looking at setting up its own ashram here.) On it's journey through the Himalayas, the Ganga rushes through the foothills in the gorges of Rishikesh. Surrounded by hills on three sides, Rishikesh is located on the right bank of the Ganga, 40 km from Dehra Dun, at the confluence of the Ganga with the Chandrabhaga stream. Rishikesh is home to many pilgrims from around the world, and is considered the center of learning in India for people looking to study and her sister Science, Ayruveda.

Valley of Flowers - The snow on the Himalayas add majesty to the mountains and the innumerable flowers add to its beauty. This famous spot is not very difficult to reach. When the sun shines hot on this field, thousands of flowers bloom here. Tourists from all over the world come here. This valley was unknown till a British mountaineer Frank Smith first discovered this place. In 1931, Frank Smith wanted to scale a peak in Garhwal called Comet. While returning after successfully completing his mission he took the western pass and lost his way and reached this valley after many difficulties. All of a sudden he came upon a sea of flowers which totally enchanted him. He put up a tent and stayed here for many days. During these days he collected 260 different species of flowers. Some seeds he took back with him. In 1937, he came back again to this valley and stayed here for a long time. Then he wrote a book called "The Valley of Flowers". Soon after this place became world famous. Millions of different flowers adorn this valley. One also finds different kinds of insects, birds and butterflies. This valley is surrounded by high mountains on three sides and is at a height of 3500 to 6,500 mts above sea level. Many small streams flow within this valley adding to its overall beauty. The high mountain peaks surrounding this valley stand guardian to this beautiful sight. The glaciers amongst this look very attractive. After reading Frank Smith's book many foreign tourists came here. One of them was an English woman called Margaret Lague who came here in 1939. She was very fond of flowers. On the 4th of July, when she was trying to pick one of the rare flowers she slipped from a rock and fell into a chasm to her death. In her memory the tombstone on her grave reads as "My eyes will forever drink in the beauty of the mountains which gave me strength and inspiration". The tourists who visit this valley never fail to visit her grave and pay homage. The Valley of Flowers is one of the Himalayas most beautiful sites, and probably the least traveled.

Hemkund - The high altitude Lokpal lake, known as Hemkund ( about 13, 000 feet.) lies in heavenly environs. A steep trek from Ghangharia leads one to this spot in about four to six hours. It is an important pilgrimage for both Hindus and Sikhs, as well as for people from other faiths. There is a Sikh Gurudwara and a Lakshman temple built on the bank of the lake. Encircled by seven snow clad peaks and their associated glaciers, it reflects its surroundings enchantingly on its crystal clear serene waters. The glaciers from Hathi Parvat and Saptrishi peaks feed the lake and a small stream called Himganga flows out of this lake.

Badrinath - In the vicinity of the Valley of Flowers lies the shrine of Badrinath. The shrine is dedicated to Vishnu, the preserver and falls in the religious itinerary of every devout Hindu and to a long list of other masters have done their meditation. The abode of Lord Vishnu, Badrinath is situated on the bank of the River Alaknanda at an elevation of 10,200 feet.

Kedarnath - Just as Mt. Kailash in Tibet, on the Indian side of the Himalayas the peaks surrounding Kedarnath shrine are the abode of Lord Shiva. On this meeting ground of Gods and humans, miracles happen every day as these peaks go on assuming numberless forms in response to each pilgrim feelings of the heart.

Gangotri - The picturesque pilgrimage in the hinterlands of the Himalayas is the most sacred spot where Ganga , the stream of life, touched earth for the first time. According to mythology, Goddess Ganga - the daughter of heaven, manifested herself in the form of a river to absolve the sins of King Bhagirath's predecessors, following his severe penance of several centuries. Lord Shiva received into his matted locks to minimize the immense impact of her fall. She came to be called Bhagirathi at her legendary source. Along the right bank of Bhagirathi stands the shrine of Gangotri dedicated to the Goddess. The physical source of the holy river is at Gaumukh, 18 kms. further uphill, along the Gangotri Glacier. Several pilgrims trek up to the source to offer prayers either on foot or on ponies.The verdant valleys, dense forests and towering peaks offer excellent trekking and mountaineering opportunities for adventure enthusiasts.

Aaron's Surprise - Enjoy these last three days for a very special treat from Aaron Star. (You may have the option of leaving early and missing this part of the trip.)

Lodging - The lodging will very greatly throughout this trip. You will be staying in pretty much the best places that are available throughout the trip.

All occupancy will for the most part be single occupancy, with some exceptions. The last three days (Aaron's Surprise) will be double occupancy. If you wish to upgrade to a single, please let me know.

When? August 30 - September 16, 2006 August 30 - Leave NY August 31 - Arrive in Delhi September 1 - Rishikesh September 2 - Travel to Valley of Flowers September 3 - Valley of Flowers September 4 - Valley of Flowers September 5 - Badrinath September 6 - Badrinath September 7 - Kedarnath September 8 - Kedarnath September 9 - Travel to Gangotri September 10 - Gangotri September 11 - Gangotri September 12 - Rishikesh September 13 - Delhi (You will have the option of going back to NY on this day or staying in Delhi for an extra day, or continuing on with Aaron for an extra 3 days. Please do not ask where we are going. This will be a surprise and you will be treated very well.) September 13, 14, 15 (Aaron's Surprise) Sept 16 - Fly back to NY September 17 - Arrive in NY very early in the AM.

Before registering, if you are new to HNY, please fill out our form.


$3500 (may be subject to change depending on certain rate changes) (If you decided to provide your own airfare, please deduct $1000 from the total price) You may send in a Money Order, do a direct Deposit, or click on the pay button below to pay with Visa/Mastercard. Pay Now with Master Card or Visa on our Secure Server. Click Here to Pre-Pay

After April 15, the price will be $3700 After June 15, the price of this trip will be $4000 The price includes - airfare, accommodations, etc. The only money you will need to bring will be for shopping and personal needs.

To Reserve your spot, please provide a non refundable deposit of $750. We will need a payment of up to $2000 by June 15, and the rest of the fee to be paid by July 15.



Monday, Nov. 21, 2005


Fox Reality, the only ALL REALITY, ALL THE TIME
channel dedicated to reality programming from all the
major networks, will showcase never-before-seen
episodes of "Playing It Straight" in a 8-hour marathon
on Saturday, Nov. 26, beginning 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM

"Playing It Straight" started on FOX in 2003. Viewers
will now have the opportunity to enjoy the whole
series. Hosted by Daphne Brogdon ( The X Show ), the
series follows single gal Jackie, a college student
from Appleton, Wisconsin, as she embarks on a dating
adventure at the Sizzling Saddles Ranch in Elko,
Nevada. Jackie has traded in her book bag and No. 2
pencils for a cowboy hat and lasso with the hope of
roping in the man of her dreams. But this cowgirl must
determine which side of the saddle these guys ride on.

Jackie's suitors are 14 men - some looking for love,
some on a quest for money, and all trying to guess who
is "Playing It Straight." These stallions vie for
Jackie's affections by participating in group
activities and one-on-one dates. 

This unscripted series may have a twist, but the rules
are simple: if a straight guy is the last man
standing, the couple splits $1 million. However, if a
gay guy fools his way to the finish line, he leaves $1
million richer. With serious cash up for grabs, first
impressions have never been more important. Some will
come out with nothing, some will come out of the
closet, but only one will come out victorious. As for
Jackie, she can leave with love or money.

Fox Reality launched May 24, 2005 to become the first
destination for lovers of unscripted programming. The
channel offers major US network favorites,
international reality programming, and Original series
and specials. Fox Reality offers reality viewers more
depth of information on their favorite reality
programming with "Reality Revealed" - more unseen
footage, more insight, more interviews and more fun.
Fox Reality is currently seen in more than 18 million
households, and is on pace to become one of only six
new cable or satellite networks to surpass 20 million
homes in its first year. To get more information on
Fox Reality programs and schedules, please visit
foxreality.com. To see if you get Fox Reality, call


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 2005 GAY PRISON CAMP E-NOVEL PREMIER Title: The Happy Campers Date Available: November 15, 2005 ISBN: 1-933389-31-1 Publisher: Torquere Press https://www.torquerepress.com editor@torquerepress.com Price: $5.95 Author: Gale Chester Whittington gale@oklatel.net 918-656-3272 Gale Chester Whittington, a frontline veteran of the 1969 Gay Revolution, is proud to announce the release of his first e-novel, THE HAPPY CAMPERS, a prison tale of murder, passion, and sunbathing, now available for download from www.torquerepress.com for the reasonable price of $5.95. SUPER BRIEF SYNOPSIS: What would happen if a slight, but attractive blond gay guy fell in love with a good-looking straight Hispanic man and had to deal with an anonymous slasher targeting gay inmates? What are prison camps like? Find out without asking Martha Stewart! Gale Chester Whittington's murder/mystery/gay romance novel, The Happy Campers, takes place in country-club-like Texarkana Federal Prison Camp, an unusual setting for a novel. The main characters are two men down on their luck: a lonely, 52 year-old, white gambler, KENT WESCHESTER, and a depressed, 31-year-old, drug dealer, DON VILLANOVA. The book is by turns funny, poignant, and philosophical. It's filled with twists and turns, plus a heart-wrenching love story. Whittington pays close attention to detail and his workmanlike prose is to be commended. SHORT BIO: A fit 57, Whittington tells us his father was a fundamentalist Nazarene preacher with a Christian radio program, his mother, a gospel-recording artist. As a young radical militant, Gale fought against the Vietnam War and for gay rights on the streets of San Francisco 1968-1969, (months before the Stonewall uprising--to be documented in his memoir, Beyond Tolerance, The Birth of Gay Pride, currently under consideration by Haworth Press). Now semi-retired, Gale Chester Whittington worships the sun on fifteen acres in the Oklahoma woods with a vicious Taco Bell dog named Little Devil. When they're not floating in his pool, they care for heirloom varieties of turkeys, guineas, chickens, peafowl, guppies, and wildflowers. After running a Denver pet/bird breeding store for 28 years, Gale returned to writing full time in 2000 and has received numerous awards from the Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. (OWFI) for his novels, memoirs, poems, short stories, and essays. Fully aware that love is a lie, he insists he's most anxious for the next masquerade to begin. Whittington invites everyone to visit his website-- www.galechesterwhittington.com -- and e-mail him at gale@galechesterwhittington.com Ask him why he believes e-books are the wave of the future! Reviewers should request a free pdf copy of The Happy Campers from saclements@torquerepress.com (any or all of the above may be reprinted in part or in it's entirety free of charge by permission of the author, Gale Chester Whittington) Use this hyperlink to access a picture of the novel's cover: https://www.galechesterwhittington.com/sitebuilder/images/Cover_Happy_Campers_enhanced and this one for a small banner that says, "Happy Campers * prison, desire, sunbathing * a novel by gale chester whittington * www.torquerepress.com": https://www.torquerepress.com/pr/smhappycampers.gif or this one for a larger banner of the same: https://www.galechesterwhittington.com/images/lghappycampers_banner.gif A July 2000 photo of the author taken while he was a prisoner at the Texarkana Federal Prison Camp (for bank fraud--the result of a former gambling addiction) may be accessed here: https://www.galechesterwhittington.com/sitebuilder/images/Gale_FPC_July_2000_-138x186.png or a current 2005 Oklahoma picture taken at his home here: https://www.galechesterwhittington.com/sitebuilder/images/strawhat1-250x187.jpg (any of the above images can be accessed free of charge when used in conjunction with news about The Happy Campers by permission of the author, Gale Chester Whittington) For interviews or further information, contact Gale Chester Whittington by e-mail: gale@galechesterwhittington.com or by phone: 918-656-3272 Gale Chester Whittington author of THE HAPPY CAMPERS, a tale of murder, passion, and sunbathing, now available from https://www.torquerepress.com Visit his website: Contact: Marie Ann Bohusch Tel: 330.247.4102 Email: comeout@aver.us Web: https://www.aver.us/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 100705_1

Press Release For Immediate Release October 7, 2005 1 MILLION LGBT VETERANS COME OUT FOR THE 65,000 SERVICE MEMBERS WHO CAN'T! AMERICAN VETERANS FOR EQUAL RIGHTS KICKS OFF FIRST EVER NATIONAL VETERANS COMING OUT DAY ON OCTOBER 11, AND FIRST LGBT VETERANS MONTH - 11 OCTOBER THROUGH 11 NOVEMBER. Attention Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Veterans: American Veterans for Equal Rights (AVER) encourages you to 'come out' and tell your stories on National Veterans Coming Out Day, October 11, in conjunction with National Coming Out Day. According to the Urban Institute, there are approximately 1 million LGBT veterans living in America today. Starting on Coming Out Day and continuing through Veterans Day, AVER will be featuring veterans' Coming Out stories on their website to honor all those who served in silence and still do. As is seen in many newspapers across the nation, AVER will also be hosting a Coming Out registry on their website for any veteran who wants to add their name to the list as an Out and Proud Veteran. This includes folks who have been out for years; do people know that you are not just LGBT but also a veteran? To sign the registry or to share your story, go to https://www.aver.us/NVCOD/comeout.php Veterans who want their story known but aren't ready to come out "by name" nationally, can opt to submit anonymously. AVER is also fielding anonymous stories from service members currently serving in silence to help get their stories out. AVER has many members who are still serving and knows how crucial protecting their anonymity is at all times; therefore, stories from current service members will only be identified by rank and service branch. To help increase support for HR1059 - The Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2005, a bill to abolish "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - AVER hopes that veterans will use their strong voices to come out and change the image of what an LGBT veteran is all about. Veterans have very strong voices in our nation's political and social landscapes, and AVER believes that LGBT veterans stand on a unique threshold where they can increase understanding between the two communities -- if they are Out. AVER suggests coming out efforts such as getting involved with Coming Out Day activities in local communities, coming out as an LGBT veteran to friends, family and coworkers, writing a letter about serving in silence to the local news editor, using the https://www.military.com free Buddy Finder service to come out to old military buddies, and/or writing a compelling letter to your Member of Congress in support of H.R. 1059. https://www.house.gov Come out for the first time or come out all over again, and then add your name to the growing list of LGBT veterans who served proudly and honorably - https://www.aver.us/NVCOD/comeout.php 65,000 LGBT service members and all those who will follow in the future are depending on each one of us to stand united across the nation. To learn more about AVER or National Veterans Coming Out Day, please visit https://www.aver.us. General Coming Out information can be found at https://www.hrc.org. For those on campus taking advantage of the GI Bill, visit https://www.campuspride.net. AVER also suggests that retirees read the retiree section of the SLDN Survival Guide at https://www.sldn.org. Members of every other minority served in our military long before gaining their equal rights. AVER believes that gaining equal standing and protection from discrimination in the military is vital to gaining all other equal rights for LGBT service members, veterans and civilians alike. HONORABLE SERVICE DEMANDS EQUALITY - JOIN YOUR FELLOW LGBT VETERANS AND 'COME OUT' ON OCTOBER 11TH! For more information about AVER or National Veterans Coming Out Day, please contact Marie Bohusch at P.O. Box 1895, Stow, OH 44224, by telephone at 330.247.4102, or by email at comeout@aver.us.





For Immediate Release.

For more information, please contact: Barb Elgin. Phone: (866) 396-BARB. Email: barb@barbelgin.com.

(OCALA, FLORIDA) -- SEPTEMBER 23, 2005 -- Barb Elgin, CEO and Founder of Coach Sappho(tm), a life coaching firm for lesbian women, has invited Conscious, (whose recently-penned autobiography "Getting Unstuck: Girl to Girl You Can Be Infected Indeed" is being made into a Showtime movie by the producers of the L Word television series) to join Ms. Elgin along with members of Coach Sappho's 'Creating a Life I Love' Club, for a live telephone interview and discussion on Wednesday evening, September 28, 2005 at 8pm EST.

Barb reports that she met Conscious at GayDays 2005 in Orlando, Florida, bought Conscious' book and couldn't put it down. "Conscious' life story," according to Ms. Elgin, "is about surviving, against all odds, and how getting real heals, when one is brave enough to go there. Conscious has that courage and hers is a story everyone should hear." Ms. Elgin will be interviewing Conscious during Coach Sappho's 'Creating a Life I Love' Club's Wednesday evening tele-group. She will interview Conscious for about 30 minutes and then will open up the program for 25 minutes of questions and discussion between participants and Conscious. Non-club members are invited to attend as well. To attend, call Barb Elgin at 866-396-BARB.

Coach Sappho(tm), a division of BE A Success Enterprises, LLC, was founded in 2001 by Barb Elgin. Ms. Elgin was born, raised and received her graduate education in Baltimore, Maryland. Prior to starting BE A Success, she worked in a variety of professional positions in behavioral healthcare, including private practice psychotherapy, employee assistance, care management and clinical management. Ms. Elgin reports that Coach Sappho's email lists include lesbian women and allies from over 40 states and 10 countries. The majority of https://www.CoachSappho.com 's services and events are offered by telephone and on the Internet, enabling easy access and opportunities to pursue personal, career, relationship and business goals in a convenient, supportive and resourceful environment. Ms. Elgin says her goal for every lesbian woman she coaches can be summed up in the statement: "I'd like to see every lesbian woman 'go for' the life she dreams of without letting her own 'inner critic' and the world stop her". Ms. Elgin also coaches organizations to become more sensitive to the 'coming out' and career development needs of lesbian employees and managers.

For more information about https://www.CoachSappho.com, please contact Barb Elgin at P.O. Box 1411, Summerfield, FL 34492-1411, by telephone at (866) 396-BARB or by email at barb@barbelgin.com.



Contact: Luke Montgomery (917) 553-4175, luke@billforfirstlady.com

Gay Hillary 2008 supporters put Bill in drag, launch "Bill for First Lady" campaign with website, comedy videos and live campaign events in New York and D.C.

NEW YORK, Sept. 20 -- Gay Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton for president are tapping cross-dressing comedy as a serious political strategy with this morning's launch of Bill-for-First-Lady.com. The campaign website features live-action comedy videos of Bill Clinton in "Jackie" style drag wearing a pink skirt, matching high heels and a pink purse. The site has set a goal to generate 1 million e-mails from Americans urging Hillary to run for president in 2008.

The Democratic website, which uses comedy to convey its message, has produced two short two-minute campaign videos depicting Bill Clinton preparing for the First Lady role. The first, entitled "Boxers, Briefs or Thong?," shows Bill trying on skimpy pink lingerie - much to the shock of a flabbergasted saleswoman. In "Men's Room?," Bill struggles to use a urinal while decked-out in a pink skirt, high heels and very uncooperative pantyhose.

"We may be having a gay old time with our campaign style - but Hillary is a serious candidate and this is a serious strategy. In addition to showing support for Hillary to run for president in 2008, Bill-for-First-Lady.com is about beating Republicans to the punch and to the punch line by making the inevitable 'Bill as First Lady' jokes old before they can hurt during the election. Cross-dressing humor crosses party lines and we're here to tickle the red states pink," said Campaign Manager Luke Montgomery.

Live campaign events featuring the dress-wearing "Bill" from the videos are planned for cities around the country in the coming weeks. The first event is outside the White House on Monday, September 26th. The second is in New York City on Tuesday, September 27th in front of ABC's Times Square Studio to coincide with the network's premiere of its female president drama "Commander in Chief," starring Geena Davis.

Campaign organizer Luke Montgomery was once a vocal Clinton critic on gay rights issues. Having for a short time legally changed his last name to "Sissyfag," As a teenage gay activist, Montgomery made headlines in the early Clinton years for his attention-getting presidential interruptions. Montgomery interrupted the President's 1993 World AIDS Day speech and his 1994 Easter Sunday church services.

"Having grown-up and unfortunately grown grey, I now realize what a great president Bill was, not just for gay Americans, but for all Americans. With this campaign I hope to pay Bill back for all those silly headaches I caused him when I was a kid," said Montgomery.

Bill-for-First-Lady.com also features the interactive "Mr. First Lady Talking Doll" that talks in Clinton's voice, saying things like "Put Hillary in the White House, I'm homesick!" and "My bikini line. waxed or shaved? Don't ask. Don't tell."

Montgomery gushes about the doll, saying, "This is one of the most fun and most funny parts of the campaign. What little gay kid doesn't want to play with dolls? For me this is definitely where the personal meets the political. Bill just looks pretty in pink!"

A spokesperson for the campaign includes "Bill" himself. Organizers are making available a comic Bill Clinton voice impersonator for appearances on radio shows across the nation as part of the campaign.

View the site and videos: https://billforfirstlady.com Photos of "Bill" in pink dress: https://billforfirstlady.com/mediacenter


Luke Montgomery,
Campaign Manager
(917) 553-4175


September 8, 2005
Contact: Michael Lamb
Tel: 323-653-1960
Email: info@echelonmagazine.com
Web: https://www.echelonmag.com/marketingseminar.htm

Echelon Magazine Hosts Gay Advertising Seminar To Kick Off The National GLBT Business Convention

Los Angeles-(September 8, 2005) Echelon Magazine, the host of The National GLBT Business Convention brings together the leading experts in Gay and Lesbian advertising and marketing at The GLBT Media Forum on October 31, 2005 at The Wyndham Anatole in Dallas, TX. The GLBT Media Forum will feature presentations on market research, emotional branding, public relations, internet marketing, event marketing and gay television advertising.

Echelon Magazine welcomes Bob Witeck, President of Witeck-Combs Communications as keynote speaker at the luncheon. "Seminars like The Gay Media Forum that discuss Gay and Lesbian marketing are invaluable to today's successful marketer. As gay media is rapidly expanding, it is imperative for companies to know their gay customer by attending these events where the experts share their knowledge, data and insight," said Bob Witeck.

The GLBT Media Forum will also include presentations from Dawn Meifert of MergeMedia Group, W.Everett Hauck III of Multi Market Media, Howard Bragman of Fifteen Minutes, Joe Benarroch of Tapestry Partners, John Kerrigan of The Wilker Group, Sharon Dodge of QueerStock, Matthew Skallerud of Hyperion Interactive Media, Jim Nellis of CP Promotions and Jeffrey Garber of OpusComm Group.

"Our speakers' keen insight on GLBT marketing and advertising is essential to all brand managers seeking inroads into this lucrative market", added Michael Lamb, Publisher of Echelon Magazine.

The National GLBT Business Convention is sponsored in part by Hyperion Interactive Media, Sun Microsystems, Scarborough Research, Kell Consulting LLC, DiversityInc Magazine., Minneapolis Convention and Visitors Bureau, Multi Market Media and Equality Source.

The Forum also includes an informative plenary session on Gay Television Advertising with representatives from LOGO, Here TV and Q Television and the day culminates with a special presentation by Michael Wilke of Commercial Closet Association.

GLBT Media Forum Website: https://www.echelonmag.com/marketingseminar.htm


Presented by Echelon Magazine , the source for GLBT Business Professionals, The National GLBT Business Convention is set to be one of the leading forums for GLBT entrepreneurs, executives and corporate marketers. Members of the GLBT business community unite to discuss issues on workplace advocacy, GLBT recruitment, GLBT vendor programs, political influence and entrepreneurial development which are all vital to our business recognition and success. The two day convention provides a powerful platform for the GLBT business community to be recognized as a principal element in the strength of America's economy.


Launched in 2004, Echelon Magazine inspires and informs small business owners and corporate employees in the areas of finance, economic development, healthcare, education and workforce diversity. The publication's 25,000 issues are distributed on the Internet, newsstands, bookstores and is strategically delivered through controlled circulation to major GLBT business organizations, employee groups and centers nationwide. Echelon Magazine is a member of The Business Alliance of Los Angeles, The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and EQualitySource.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (514) 875-7026 ext. 204



The BBCM Foundation will celebrate its 15th year of existence during the
15th edition of the Black & Blue Festival, which will take place in
Montreal, from October 5th to October 11th, in different venues in the city.
The culmination of this world renowned festival will indisputably be the
mega Black & Blue Party and Show under the special theme 'X-treme Ball',
back on the Olympic Stadium center field on Sunday October 9th, from 9 pm to
12 noon the next day.

The BBCM team is enthusiastically finalizing the entire Festival line-up,
which represents about 50 different events, including several major benefit
events, and a series of socio-cultural and sports activities. Many of the
Festival's most popular events will once again be presented this year, in
addition to new activities.

The Black & Blue at the Olympic Stadium - Sunday October 9th

This year, the designers of the event for which Montreal has become so
famous are enthusiastic and proud to announce that the event will take place
on the Olympic Stadium center field. The title of the event is «X-treme
Ball» and the thematic will explore different angles of our society whose
taste for extremes is growing more and more. How will this all come into
place at the Black & Blue ? First through the exploitation of the space and
the design of the dance floor and decor; then through performances of all
kinds that will explore the culture of extremes, with different numbers in
which we will see acrobats, dancers, skateboarders, in-line skaters, extreme
drags, break dancers and much more ! As usual, the artistic team has
elaborated impressive stages and ramps that will mesmerize visitors from all
over the world.

The Artistic Director of the event, Jean-Pierre Pérusse, specifies : «When
we look around us, we realize how everything that is extreme has become
popular. We can think of television shows such as « Jackass » or even «
Extreme makeover » or the increase in number and in popularity of extreme
sports festivals, to name only a few elements of this culture of extremes
that is omnipresent in our society today. We thought that drawing from this
young, urban culture could be a great idea, with key visual impact, for an
event such as the Black & Blue, particularly at the Olympic Stadium, which
offers us a big surface that allows the infrastructure necessary for this
type of project. A stimulating environment will be created for this grand
event but the word 'extreme' obviously is to be taken in the positive sense
of the word. »

The designing of the lighting and fitting out of the space will also play a
very important role in the overall concept of the event, as we will be given
the impression of being inside a sort of huge pinball machine. Ramps will be
set up and used for performances and entertainment during the evening,
during which we will see artists on skateboards, BMX, in-line skates, etc.
The young and dynamic team of Riper (www.ripperskateboards.com) will also
take part in the show with performances that will bring an « extreme » and
new flavor to the event. Also, the conception and operation of the lighting
will be directed by the one and only François Roupinian (Black & Blue 1994,
2003, 2004), and the talented and renowned Sylvain Tessier will be the
Technical Director for the principal event this year.

BBCM is also very proud to confirm the return of the eagerly awaited and
very famous Danny Tenaglia, who is coming back to Montreal for the first
time in many years on this occasion. This American DJ/producer, who no
longer needs an introduction, confirmed that he was very happy to
participate in the 15th edition of the Black & Blue, having contributed to
its success by playing for the 1996 and 1997 editions. In the DJ booth will
also be the incredible DJs Chus & Ceballos who rocked the house in 2004.
They confirmed their presence very fast, having greatly enjoyed their
performance at the Black & Blue 2004 Party. The excellent DJ Éloi Brunelle
from Montreal will also participate in the show; he will do the first part
of the evening.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary, we will also look back on the previous
years to thank all the people who were closely or remotely involved in this
event; to reminisce about the great moments of the Black & Blue Party, a
pioneer in this type of event; and to highlight the 15 years of support from
the Foundation to HIV/Aids-affected people, which represents to this day 1.2
million $ given to several community groups, a Canadian record for a
non-profit gay-based organization.

The organizers expect a crowd of about 15,000 people for this event. Be
there ! The Black & Blue success can be explained by the quality of the
production that it offers, the renewed freshness every year, the perfect
flow of the event and the numerous visitors who travel only to come
celebrate with the Montrealers, who unquestionably remain fans year after

The Black & Blue Festival program

The festival will go on for a whole week, from Wednesday October 5th to
Tuesday October 11th, and will offer a wide variety of activities (about
50). Among others, there will be the very famous Military Ball on Saturday
October 8th at Metropolis, the Jock Ball on Thursday October 6th at Stereo,
the Leather Ball on Friday October 7th at Medley and the Recovery Parties on
Monday October 10th at Club Soda and at Stereo. Many other events will be
part of the program (t-dances, pre-parties, cocktails, the official Morning
Party at the Parking Club, other leather and military events, etc.). As for
the socio-cultural program, there will be the annual 'Eau Vive' swim-o-thon,
organized by the gay aquatics team of 'A Contre Courant', the « Big Jump »
gay volleyball tournament organized by Volley Boreal, and also the annual
conference on health presented by Dr. Pierre Tellier from McGill, the major
world expo and conference on gay and lesbian tourism presented for the first
time in Canada by Community Marketing of San Francisco, tours of museums
(MAC and MBA), shows, brunches, the VIP dinner, special art exhibitions and
other events.

Cancellation of the torch procession: Unfortunately, because the City of
Montreal has refused to finance this public street event in the village on
Sunday October 9th, the BBCM Foundation is forced to drop the torch
procession that was planned this year for the 15th anniversary.

If you need of the PDF document to get all the details of the schedule of
events, please contact: media@bbcm.org; and for photo & logo requests:


VIP passes are already on sale and different categories are offered. Take
advantage of the discounts until August 31st ! You can get them by visiting
the BBCM web site, on which you will also find information about the
Festival : www.bbcm.org.

Individual tickets for the major events will be on sale at the end of
August in different selling points and on the Ticketpro web site :

TRAVEL INFORMATION : The official hotel of the Black & Blue Festival is the
Delta Montréal. To book your room, call (514) 286-1986 or toll free
1-877-286-1986 and use the reference number : GGBLUE. Reservations can also
be made on the internet at this address: www.deltamontreal.com (in one
section you will be asked for the reference number mentioned previously).

The Festival's official airline company is Air Canada. You can make your
reservations by calling 1-800-361-7585 or by visiting Air Canada's web site
: www.aircanada.com. Specify the reference number attributed to the Black &
Blue : CV054163.

VOLUNTARY WORK : For general information about the Black & Blue Festival,
partnership options, and especially for voluntary work opportunities for the
events, call : (514) 875-7026 ext. 201 or write to : philippe@bbcm.org


The Foundation really wants to extend heartfelt thanks the following
partners, without whom the realization of such an event would not be
possible : Quebec Government, Tourisme Montréal, Canadian Government, Air
Canada, In Newsweekly Boston, Out in America, Circuit Noize, Zoom Média,
Genre Magazine, Gaywebmonkey, Klublife, GUS Magazine, Club La Cité, Fugues,
HX Magazine New York, Gay Guide Toronto, A&U America's AIDS Magazine,
Archambault, Mix 96, Coors Light, Delta Montréal, Mavety Media, Le Château,
Soundbeatradio, Base Boisson énergie, Gayradiobec, Sauna Centre-Ville,
Partylist.com, ToBe Magazine, Magazine Être, IRC crew, 2cDigital Dreams,
Funmaps, Ticketpro, Community Marketing ; as well as all of the Festival's
partner sites : Olympic Stadium, Metropolis, Medley, Club Soda, Stereo
Nightclub, Club Parking, SKY, Stock Bar, Campus, Aigle noir, Stud, Le
Planète, Le Saloon, Café Européen, Restaurant Inc., Drugstore, Cinéma
Impérial, Club Altitude 737, Le restaurant Myst, Mikes Village, Musée des
Beaux-Arts, Musée d'Art contemporain and many other sites which will be
confirmed shortly.
How LOUD do you want to be heard? You matter and so does your Voice! Please add your voice and MAKE A DIFFERENCE as a member of the GLBT Community. G/L CENSUS PARTNERS - a Syracuse University & OpusComm Group Partnership


For important information from the glcensus partners go to: https://www.glcensus.org/mailer.html Your participation registers you for a chance to win a RSVP Mardi Gras Cruise for Two Give this link to a friend, so they too can be heard! https://www.glcensus.org

Your privacy WILL be protected and respected! The identity of individual respondents is not recorded, redistributed or conveyed to third parties for purposes of commercial solicitation or any other purpose. Individual responses are recorded solely for the purpose of aggregate marketing and political research.

For Immediate Release

Sarah Benoit
PO Box 17596
Asheville, NC 28816

Philadelphia's first Same Love, Same RightsT Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expo!

Philadelphia, PA-August 23, 2005 In the last two years the Same Love, Same RightsT Gay and Lesbian Wedding Expos have traveled the country stopping in Minneapolis, Boston, Atlanta and San Francisco. This fall, on Sunday October 2nd from 11 AM - 5 PM, RainbowWeddingNetwork.com will produce the city's first ever Same Love, Same RightsT Wedding Expo.

It will be hosted by The Courtyard By Marriott located at City Hall downtown and will feature a wide variety of LGBT-friendly wedding professionals. Couples will have the opportunity to speak one on one with high quality wedding professionals while enjoying drinks, hors d'oeuvres, giveaways and music. RainbowWeddingNetwork.com is the first online wedding registry and directory of wedding professionals created specifically for the LGBT community.

There are over 4500 vendors throughout the United States and Canada that participate in the network. Co-owners Cindy Sproul and Marianne Puechl have also recently launched RainbowWeddingExpo.com, a web site dedicated to the Same Love, Same RightsT events being produced nationwide. The web site features future events, photo galleries, media coverage and details for how to become involved as an exhibitor or sponsor.

"This event is particularly exciting because I grew up in the Philadelphia area," says Sarah Benoit, event coordinator for RainbowWeddingNetwork.com. "This city has a wonderful reputation for independence, creativity and evolutionary thinking," she continues, "and now is the time for everyone involved in the struggle for equal marriage and family rights to come together and support one another emotionally, politically and economically.

What better place to gather than the city of Philadelphia?" As the debate over same-sex marriage rages across the country, Sproul and Puechl know from experience that same-sex couples will continue to plan ceremonies and weddings in order to express their vows to one another and their families. Despite the legal battles being waged in many states Gay and Lesbian partners and their families will move forward with their lives and their commitments. "Equality is a matter for all of us," states Puechl.

"We're excited to support couples as they plan for their special day," she continues, "and thrilled to promote action in the arena of equal rights. We look forward to a spirited event in Philadelphia."

"This event is particularly exciting because I grew up in the Philadelphia area. This city has a wonderful reputation for independence, creativity and evolutionary thinking and now is the time for everyone involved in the struggle for equal marriage and family rights to come together and support one another emotionally, politically and economically. What better place to gather than the city of Philadelphia?"-Sarah Benoit

"Equality is a matter for all of us. We're excited to support couples as they plan for their special day and thrilled to promote action in the arena of equal rights. We look forward to a spirited event in Philadelphia."-Marianne Puechl

For more information please visit www.RainbowWeddingExpo.com or contact Sarah Benoit at rwnsarah@bellsouth.net or toll free at 1-866-251-1564.

For Immediate Release
Sarah Benoit
PO Box 17596
Asheville, NC 28816

U.S. Journalist Lifts Gay Veil in Russia:

"Everybody Does It; Nobody Talks About It"


Moscow, Russia (August 1, 2005) -- In "Red Queen at Night", an ongoing new blog from Moscow (https://www.redqueen.mindarts.ru), a former American journalist describes his daily life among gays in the depths of what former Pres. Ronald Reagan once called "the Evil Empire."

Through the chronicles of Dane Lowell you watch the rusting iron curtain as it struggles to identify and adapt to a new role; beyond the veil of hypocrisy you catch a candid glimpse of the pleasures and risks of gay life in today's Russia.

"What surprises me," says Dane, "is the ubiquitous gay presence here and the steadfastness with which it is denied." While nothing like the fear and repression that characterized the Soviet period still pervades, there is still an all-encompassing social taboo against gays and homosexuality.

"Out of the closet, out of a job"

The taboo is so strict that he, himself, does not use his real name. Dane Lowell, like the identities of most of the cast of characters in "Red Queen at Night," is a pseudonym.

"If you're out of the closet, you're out of a job," says Dane, a former closeted reporter for the Orlando Sentinel; energy writer for several Washington, D.C. publications; and co-author/researcher of a book on energy alternatives.

"If you go to one of the popular gay clubs here and stare at the mass of bodies hopping to the disco beat, you'd swear everybody in the city is gay. But you won't see any evidence of it on the streets of the city the next day: They're anonymously beating their brains out in offices or classrooms so they can make $500 a month and be admitted into the middle class if they're not there already; or stay there if they are." Moscow is a mecca for older gay ex-pats, adds Dane, "if you're willing to put yourself out a little."

Russian youths from the provinces and former republics descend by the thousands on Moscow every year in an attempt to build a decent future. But jobs are scarce and places to live both scarce and expensive. So these ambitious, intelligent, resourceful - and frequently beautiful - boys and young men are often more than happy to become lovers and sex partners in exchange for sharing with them your apartment - or bed.

Cruising the Bolshoi

But where do you find them? The clubs, obviously. But ironically, the world-famous Bolshoi Theater is one of Moscow's favorite cruising spots. Another is a park near the "Kitai Gorod" metro station, which is a little more risky.

"This is rougher trade, and many older gays have been robbed and assaulted -- and more than a few have been murdered -- by pick-ups there. But if you're careful -- and lucky -- you can have a fun evening with a beautiful Russian boy for $20 or less," Dane says.

For about the same amount, you can take an underpaid soldier from the provinces home for the evening. "Former Pres. Yeltsin once advised them to go pick mushrooms to augment their salary, but many find orgasms a lot more lucrative -- and a whole lot more fun -- than scavenging fungus." One of Dane's pleasant surprises is that gays in Russia don't worship the youth image as they do in America. "Moscow is an equal opportunity playhouse for all ages," he says.

"In Moscow, you'll often hear, 'Age just isn't important to me,' which I find both delightful and astonishing, because when I was their age, my worst nightmare would have been going to bed with the likes of me."

It explains how an endless string of aspiring, serious, and drop-dead beautiful Russian boys have become not only Dane's lovers but his life-long friends. "I am never lonely in Moscow," he says.

It also enables "Red Queen at Night" to live up to its billing as "the salacious sexual adventures of a 72-year-old gay American ex-pat living and loving a Peter Pan fantasy in the bowels of the 'Evil Empire.'"

But its explorations reach much deeper into the human condition, he says. "There's genuine drama, genuine pathos, genuine poignancy here. These are the lives and dreams of real, living, breathing, sensitive and sentient human beings."

Red Queen at Night is as sexually audacious and brazen as William S. Burroughs, but as tender and poignant as Mary Poppins.

Which is he?

"I'll let you figure it out," he smiled. "But I think the answer will say more about you than about me."

"I Am a (Digital) Camera"?

"When I first adopted Reagan's euphemism, the Evil Empire, for Russia, I meant it as tongue-in-cheek satire," Dane says, "but the label is becoming increasingly apt. Putin's Kremlin, growing ever more fearful of a Ukraine-style 'orange revolution,' is putting an increasing stranglehold on the Russian press, the courts, and the Duma. We're seeing the re-Stalinization - or worse, the Hitlerization - of Russia. Who knows what's coming next?

"I think I know how Christopher Isherwood must have felt in Berlin in the 1930s when he was writing I Am a Camera in the early stages of Hitler's rise to power."

"I'm living in your future"

"He sees in the limits to freedom being imposed by Bush's so-called 'Patriot Act' and other 'anti-terrorist' security measures an ominous and unmistakable parallel to the quasi-police state that increasingly defines Russia today.

"I'm living in your future," Lowell bluntly warns his American friends. Lowell's daily adventures are by turns amusing, titillating, educational, shocking, revealing, dismaying, exasperating, appalling, and frustrating.

"What they are NOT is boring," he insists, as suggested by the following account of a recent night with 18-year-old Zhorik, one-fourth his age:

".I didn't even stroke him. I just touched his beautiful bursting cock and he erupted! Not even I, when I was 14, came that fast! He was pretending to sleep through it, but I'm pretty sure he didn't. How could he? How could anybody?

"I guess Sasha was right: 'Everybody likes to be seduced.'"


Follow the sometimes hilarious, often touching, but always provocative and true adventures of "Red Queen at Night" in this ongoing blog from Moscow: https://postsnet.com/r.html?c=526393&r=525753&t=429516145&l=1&d=86270747&u=http%3a%2f%2fredqueen%2emindarts%2eru%2f&g=0&f=-1

Contact: Valerie Moses 545 8th Avenue, Suite #401 New York, NY 10018 212-613-5838
For Immediate Release:


Robbyne K. lends her vocal talents to DJ Tomer's latest release on Tweek'd Records, "And Now You've Left Me". New York City - August 2, 2005 - Robbyne K. who hails from New York City is a big, bold, full-figured diva whose presence on the club scene fills a void left by some of the sassy and strong divas of yesteryear. Robbyne recently brought the house down with her gospel flavored rendition of her hit song, "And Now You've Left Me" at a record release party in New York City at Glo Night Club. Junior Vasquez, the reigning DJ King of the gay circuit parties gave his thumbs up and placed, "And Now You've Left Me" on his Top 10 List.

The song which rolled out on Tweek'd Records was produced by an exciting new face on the dance music scene, DJ Tomer. The producing teams of DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta and Eric Entrena & Rick Pier O'Neil (RPO) have added their magic to two explosive remixes of the song. "Drum Pressure" a tribal powerhouse produced by DJ Tomer featuring the amazing vocals of Robbyne K. was also released on Tweek'd Records earlier this year.

Robbyne K. is currently in the studio with DJ Tomer and E-N Appel who reached Billboard's Top Ten Dance Chart with his club anthem, "Don't Leave Me This Way" featuring Ceevox. Robbyne brought new meaning to the phrase 'pimp my ride' during Pride Month as a guest at the Ashley Rukes GLBT Pride Parade in Minneapolis. She greeted attendees as she sashayed down the parade route in a candy apple red Rolls Royce Corniche.

In addition to her vocal skills, Robbyne K. is a seasoned actress who has graced many off-Broadway productions including her one woman show, "Robbyne Kaamil - Raw & Real...Life from One Woman's Perspective" released on DVD this month and available on www.sendmemovies.com. Robbyne K. has been on numerous radio and television shows including Howard Stern. She brought her comedic flair to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy when the Fab 5 orchestrated a makeover of her friend. Robbyne K. is also the author of the controversial book, "Get Off The Titty" available at amazon.com A photo of Robbyne K. is available in JPEG format at: www.canwebereal.com/robbynehs.jpg


(Los Angeles, CA, 7/20/05)— Novelist, Michael Holloway Perronne, who recently made headlines for shipping a shovel and a copy of his gay themed debut novel, A Time Before Me, to conservative lawmaker Gerald Allen in response to proposed Alabama legislation that would ban all gay books, is making waves again with his latest novel, Starstruck: A Hollywood Saga. In this “campy, trashy, beach read” novel, a gay actor makes it big and then must survive the aftermath of being outed in the media.

Perronne says in regards to homophobia in Hollywood, “Even after years of working in the entertainment industry, I was continually amazed at how an industry that on one hand is full of openly gay people can at the same time be so overwhelmingly homophobic. We live in a society where certain celebrities still threaten to sue if someone even accuses them of being gay. Of course, it all gets back to business, pleasing the religious right, and inner shame by a lot of the gay people who have power in Hollywood.” Perronne, however, still takes a mixed stance on outing. “When you’re referring to anti-gay crusaders who turn out to be closeted, such as the mayor of Spokane, Washington, outing is entirely justified. He’s someone who publicly opposed any sort of gay rights legislation. If someone prefers to remain closeted and is not doing anything to hurt the gay community as a whole, then that person’s right to privacy should be respected. However, the only real way to combat homophobia, in my opinion, is for more people to come out, express themselves openly, and challenge the stereotypes the religious right uses in its propaganda.”

Michael Holloway Perronne’s Starstruck: A Hollywood Saga, published by Chances Press, explores the lives of three wannabe celebrities, including a closeted gay actor, who will do almost anything it takes to make it in Tinseltown.

Perronne is a writer living in Los Angeles. He has a BA from the University of Southern Mississippi and a MFA from the Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New Orleans. He is currently working on a sequel to his debut novel, the critically praised A Time Before Me.

Chances Press, publisher of paperbacks and e-books, strives to publish and promote a wide range of writing that entertains while encouraging independent thinking.

Starstruck: A Hollywood Saga
Publication Date: July 2, 2005
Retail Price: $13.95
Publisher: Chances Press

Wholesale- Available from Ingram Book Group- standard wholesale discounts and returns policy. Retail- Available from major on-line book retailers, on order at any bookstore, or visit https://www.starstrucknovel.com or https://www.michaelhperronne.com for more information.

Media Contact- including to request review copies:
David Pearson (323)-993-5716 info@chancespress.com https://www.chancespress.com

Letter to the Editor

Both the Human Rights Campaign Fund, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force are both organizations of integrity. It is not my intention to question that, rather to raise the issue of religious organizational participation in each Group. When we wed politics with religion inside or outside the GLBT Community we are asking for trouble.

I would like to ask both national organizations are they now willing to promote the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. If not than I question the participation of GLBT religious organizations, and individuals wearing the religious mantle. If these individuals and/organizations want to support these two important civil rights organizations than they should become members and support them as individuals. I have membership in one of them, and firmly believe it is the greatest civil rights organization I can support.

However as a person of faith I also belong to the Rainbow Sash Movement, a Catholic Organization. We are not an important religious organization, but we believe in Jesus Christ. I believe our mission as people of faith takes us in another direction. We have a lot to do for our community’s unemployment, poverty, inadequate education in our country, and that includes GLBT teenagers, the aged, HIV, and the spiritual needs of our extended families.

Politics should never be confused with spirituality and visa versa. These are two different spheres of influence and we should keep them distinct.

Joe Murray
US Convener
Rainbow Sash Movement

Contact: Greg Allen
Home Video Salon, PO Box 9161, North St. Paul, Minnesota 55109-9161
email: gregallen@paradise-inn.com



Thousands of hopeful writers were rejected by Bravo's upcoming 
reality TV series "Situation: Comedy." Greg Allen's "Pigeon Falls" 
(Allen is also the Producer/Creator of the gay sitcom, "Paradise 
Inn," https://www.paradise-inn.com) was among scripts with GLBT 
characters that was turned away.

Allen had submitted a new project, "Pigeon Falls," 
(https://www.pigeon-falls.com) for consideration. In the script for 
the pilot episode, John Peterson becomes the temporary legal guardian 
of his niece, Lindsay (16); and nephews, Logan (16) and Joshua (7) 
when his sister is sent to prison on tax evasion and her husband runs 
off to a monastery in Nepal. The Clark children have grown up 
privileged and pampered in New York City. They are in for a number of 
changes living with gay Uncle John who makes his living as the "Jam 
King" (Johnny's Jams and Jellies) in the small, rural town of Pigeon 
Falls, Minnesota.

Here's what some professional scriptwriters had to say about "Pigeon Falls":

"Finally! A gay character who is well-written, realistic, and offers 
no apologies for who or what he is. I found the script to be 
charming, the characters inviting and interesting, and the premise to 
be far more original than anything I've seen on television for quite 
some time. Tired of cookie cutter sitcoms? So am I, this one 
deserves a shot!"

"A 21st century "Family Affair" meets "Northern Exposure." This 
backwoods town models tolerance as a family value, but not without 
some comic situations."

"...it truly is better than most anything that's on television right 
now in terms of writing, concept, originality, etc :) You are a 
great writer, and it is Sean Hayes' loss." (Our note: Mr. Hayes is a 
co-producer of "Situation: Comedy")

Allen encourages everyone to compare his concept to those chosen as 
finalists on "Situation: Comedy." The complete pilot episode script 
for "Pigeon Falls" can be read at https://postsnet.com/r.html?c=509905&r=509269&t=429516145&l=1&d=86198336&u=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2epigeon%2dfalls%2ecom&g=0&f=-1

About "Situation: Comedy" from Bravo release: "With beloved sitcoms 
departing from network schedules and few surefire hits waiting in the 
wings, we find ourselves on the brink of a potential comedy crisis. 
But we at Bravo are no longer content to sit on the sidelines while 
the art of the sitcom is left to languish. Instead, we are putting 
the power in your hands, as writers and viewers, with a bold new 
program we're calling "Situation: Comedy."

"The search for the next great sitcom will be documented in a 
ten-episode series that will bring viewers behind the scenes and 
through the realities of turning words on a page into a TV-ready 

The series was developed by Sean Hayes (NBC's "Will & Grace") and 
Todd Milliner. Multiple Emmy-winners Arnold Shapiro and Allison 
Grodner are executive producers together with Hayes and Milliner. 
"Situation: Comedy" is a HazyMills Productions in association with 
Shapiro/Grodner Productions. The series debuts Tuesday, July 26 at 
8/7c on Bravo.


Three photos are available for web and print use. The photos are 
72dpi and are in the jpeg file format, untouched and approximately 
3MB in size each. The photos are: 1) Pigeon Falls Community Center, 
2) Pigeon Falls One Stop (small grocery store) and, 3) Pigeon Falls 
town population marker. You can access the photos at 
ftp://paradise-inn.com. The user name is: prphotos. The password 
is: photos. Please contact Greg Allen at gregallen@paradise-inn.com 
to inform of usage on your web site or in your publication.


P.O. Box 74
Oregon, IL 61061

Midwest Womyn's Autumnfest Has New Producers And New Location In The Country

The Midwest Womyn's Autumnfest is under new ownership and has been moved to 
Oregon, Illinois which is about 34 miles west of the old location at Katz Park 
in DeKalb, Illinois. The smaller womyn's festivals across the country have 
been dying out due to decreased attendance. It is the producers' wish to increase 
attendance at this year's 11th annual Midwest Womyn's Autumnfest in order 
that this festival be ongoing. The producers are still in need of a live sound 
engineer with equipment (this is a paid position). They also need volunteers for 
a variety of tasks. Special low rates are being given to Craftswomyn for 
booth spaces. Please check out the Midwest Womyn's Autumnfest website at 
www.mwautumn.com . The festival will occur on Sunday, 09/04/05, the day before Labor 
Day. The festival will be on private land and is one road east of the Byron 
nuclear plant towers that are located on German Church Road. Just head toward the 
towers. Help make this event a roaring success at its new venue and join in 
the celebration of womyn's culture and music. Musical entertainment, food, 
raffles, and movies under the stars are being planned. The producers can be 
contacted at ranitiko@aol.com or at 815-234-7557.

press release: LOVE Weekend 2005
contact: Bill Alldredge
Email: Bill@love-weekend.org
Date: June 14, 2005
Photos available upon request

Circuit & Music Icons Appearing in Rehoboth Beach:

Two Legendary Performers Headline LOVE Weekend; DJ Julian Marsh and Evelyn "Champagne" King

LOVE Weekend 2005 celebrates another fun filled Independence Weekend with two incredible dance events at the Rehoboth Beach convention center plus, another six other charity events over the four day holiday weekend. Featuring legendary performances from Internationally famous, Billboard Magazine reporting, super circuit DJ, producer, song writer and remix artist Julian Marsh and Pop, R&B, and Dance music legend Evelyn "Champagne" King. Julian Marsh returns his joyous grooves for another ecstatic crowd at LOVE Weekend Saturday Night July 2 for the ULTIMATE LOVE: Ultimate Summer Dance Party main event at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center from 8pm-2am.

"Last year Julian made his first appearance @ LOVE Weekend and wowed the crowd into a dancing frenzy that didn't end until 2am with a full dance floor that gave him the ultimate salute-- the first ever standing ovation at the close!" says event chairman Bill Alldredge "The event was 10 years in the making, but we were not about to wait that long to bring him back. " He added. "So, get ready for six hours of the anthems and grooves that have made Julian a favorite circuit DJ the world over. "Here is your chance to experience a night of pure magic on the dance floor. "

Julian Marsh has headlined many of the major dance party events in the US over the past decade and no dance music fan's CD collection is complete without as many of Julian's CD compilations as possible. Appearing on the Centaur Music label, LOVE Weekend presenting sponsor for several years, Julian's talents can be heard on continuous mix CDs such as the Winter Party and Motorball, plus multiple Global Groove and Party Groove selections from Centaur. His annual PRIDE CD is anticipated every year just in time for Gay Pride celebrations in June. Last year's PRIDE '04 CD included a tribute to LOVE Weekend, a special Julian Marsh produced track, a remake of the classic disco hit from the 80's, LOVE'S Theme by Barry White and the LOVE Unlimited Orchestra.

In 2003, LOVE Weekend expanded its dance events offerings with an additional night at the Rehoboth Beach Convention Center. The Friday nigh LOVE GROOVE: Retro Ball debuted to great reviews and has become as popular as the Saturday night main event. "We knew we had a hit and had tapped into something special when we saw the huge crowd and their incredible reaction to the music and their response to our live entertainment. " According to Alldredge adding a new night was a risk, but one that paid off by bringing new people out to the event.

The Retro Ball has brought out more women and people who might not want to go out for a 'circuit' type event. And since we have emphasized bringing in a diva legend for alive performance, it sets that night apart.

Martha wash and Bonnie Pointer both graced the Retro Ball stage in 2003 and 2004 respectively, establishing the event as a time to dance to great classic dance music, but to also see a legendary performer live in Rehoboth. Legendary performances continue at this year's Retro Ball as well. Evelyn "Champagne" King steps out onto The Retro Ball stage at the Convention Center around midnight. But the crowd will have been dancing for hours to another legendary performer, DJ Mark Thomas, famous for his tenure at the Saint in New York during disco's golden age in the 1970s and 80s.

Ms. King's Grammy award-winning Pop, Dance and R&B sound will fill the convention center Friday night July 1 with some of the most memorable dance hits of the 80s. Known world-wide for her chart topping dance groove hits in the 1980's, "Shame," "I'm In Love, and "Love Come Down," Evelyn continues the tradition of great divas performing live on the Retro Ball stage.

LOVE Weekend events are produced by volunteers from the LOVE Benefit Committee who have staged the charity weekend events for the past eleven years. This year's beneficiaries are Sussex County AIDS Council, CAMP Rehoboth and the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center. All of these organizations are local nonprofit Gay and Lesbian organizations. The last five years alone, LOVE Weekend events have netted almost $200,000 for these charities.

Other LOVE Weekend events include: INFATUATION: LOVE Weekend Welcome Party Thursday, June 30 10pm-2am at Cloud 9, LOVE ON THE BEACH: Tent Party Saturday, July 2 11am-3pm on Poodle Beach, then onto the LOVE POWER: Pre Party Workout @ Gold's Gym Saturday 5pm-7pm, AFTERGLOW IV: Glowing Effects Party starts at midnight as part of the main event with Julian Marsh with hundreds of glowing effects where the audience actually becomes the event lighting. The weekend is capped off by the LOVE HANGOVER: Recovery Brunch Sunday from 11am-2pm at Cloud 9 and the LOVE-LY Tea: LOVE Tea Dance Monday, July 4th at Cafe Zeus from 5pm-8pm.

Tickets for LOVE Weekend are on sale at CAMP Rehoboth and Lambda Rising on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth and online at www.LOVE-Weekend.org. Tickets are $45 in advance for each dance event or available as a combo for $80 for both open bar dance events. VIP Weekend Passes that include all eight events are $135 and include sponsor gifts and bonus CDs for the first 150 purchasers.

World Famous Bachelors:
Bachelor Auction Celebrates Another Great Time @ Blue Moon, June 18 Few events at Rehoboth Beach can top the fun and spectacle of the annual LOVE Bachelor Auction at Blue Moon. This year join the bevy of the "beach's best beefcake" as they strut their stuff, all in good clean fun to benefit the charities of LOVE Weekend. Don't miss it, viewing space is limited.

Guaranteed free admission for LOVE Weekend Pass holders. Be there on June 18 from 5pm-8pm at the Blue Moon. Suggested donation is $20 which benefits LOVE Weekend and its beneficiaries. There will be give aways, prizes and free CDs from Centaur Music.

LOVE Weekend
LOVE Benefit Committee
Bill Alldredge, Chairman
202.332.3177 DC
202.281.5125 DC Cell
302.227.5620 Rehoboth Weekends "CAMP Rehoboth office)

Pentecost Once Again Calls for dialogue on Gay/Lesbian Catholics

Pentecost has come and gone, and the sky has not fallen. For members of the Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) nationally it was a time of deep prayer. Around the Nation members of the Rainbow Sash Movement entered Cathedrals and parishes. Such as Rochester New York were individuals tried to block the way of Rainbow Sash Members from receiving communion. Eventually the Rainbow Sash Members received communion with the support of fellow parishioners. In the Archdiocese of Chicago Cardinal Francis George issued orders that Rainbow Sash Movement members were not to be given Communion at Holy Name Cathedral. In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles a warm welcome was given the members of the Rainbow Sash Movement who entered Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral, because of this warm welcome members decided not to wear their Rainbow Sashes.

In Minneapolis/St Paul Archbishop Harry Flynn who had given RSM members communion in the past refused communion to more than 100 Rainbow Sash Movement supporters. The Archbishop said his decision was based on a Vatican. The National Rainbow Sash Movement leadership is calling for dialogue with Archbishop Harry Flynn.

Today we have seen a Church that is struggling with the issue of gay/lesbian Catholics. Contrary to the Vatican, and other conservative sources Catholics are not all on the same page with this matter. The public symbolic dialogue will continue in November at the yearly meeting of the National Council of Catholic Bishops. There once again the Rainbow Sash Movement will call for collegial dialogue with the Catholic Bishops of the United States.

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web page at www.rainbowsashmovement.com, or call 312-266-0182.


Press Contact Person

Joe Murray
Spokes Person
Rainbow Sash Movement


For More information: Please contact: MikeYouens Phone: 1-510.524.5820 Email: mike@AthleticModelGuild.com Release: C-05-005

Images And This release can be found online at AthleticModelGuild.com/media


AthleticModelGuild.com El Cerrito, California ­ May 10, 2005: "If Bob could have only seen this...." "Bob" is Bob Mizer, founder of Athletic Model Guild, one of the original male physique photography studios in America which thrived from 1945 until Mizer's death in 1992. The speaker is Dennis Bell, who bought the entire Mizer estate in 2004 and has carefully been cataloging the more than 1,000,000 black and white negatives, color slides, tapes, films, and magazines.

³Bob Mizer passed away only a few years before the real Worldwide Web was born, and could have never imagined how adult erotica would have evolved with the new technology. For 60 years he used every new format that came out ‹ 1940s 4x5 inch large format cameras, 1950s stereo slide cameras, 1960s movie film cameras, color film from the 70s and video from the 80s. But he never got to shoot anything with a digital camera, or even go online to the internet. This new digital age is the realm of the new AMG!²

Now Bell feels he is ready to debut the all new Athletic Model Guild website (www.AthleticModelGuild.com ; ). ³It will never be complete,² Bell says. ³Our goal is to add and update at least twice a week. But already, there are 1000s of color and black pictures, digitized 16mm film clips, streaming video, a Œhands free¹ slide show, and more.² The interactive site allows the public to learn about the 60 year history of AMG, to order DVDs, magazines, tapes, or archival quality prints from the original negatives, and members to ³The Archive² can view the video clips and photo sets of hundreds of AMG models. ³I think people who visit the site will be overwhelmed with the fantastic quality of the reproductions,²

Bell said, ³especially those who have spent hours in user groups looking at fifth, sixth, or tenth generation copies. Many of these have been scanned from the original negatives.² The site is graphic intensive, and uses the latest internet design technology to produce flash-driven menus and videos clips. The film clips have been digitized from original 16mm film negatives and master video tapes using the latest technology, and musical scores have been added. ³One of the sections I¹m most proud of is the Time Line,² Bell said.

Presented on a semi-split screen, the Time Line (Home|History|Timeline) shows major historical events aligned with dates of extraordinary importance in the 60 year history of Athletic Model Guild. ³Although there are still areas of the country where censorship battles are being fought, the Time Line shows clearly how far we have come in breaking down the barriers for adults to view the things they want to see.

Bob Mizer was in the forefront of the battle to break down those barriers. He served jail time. He fought the postal authorities. He should be considered a hero by those of us who appreciate the male form.² Many features of the new Athletic Model Guild site can be viewed for free. Two extensive histories, AMG ­ The Fantasy Factory, by Marvin Jones (of Campfire Video), and Physique Pictorial and AMG, by Wayne Stanley (original AMG heir), provide behind the scenes insights into the AMG vision and operation and reveal some of the challenges Mizer faced from law enforcement.

Subscriptions, permitting full access to the films, slide show, and model databases, begin at $8.95 for a seven day trial, $19.95 per month, with a 25% discount for three-month subscriptions. ((Courtesy Media Passwords are available on request to: promo@AthleticModelGuild.com )) For media resources, and images for web or print use, go to: AthleticModelGuild.com

For interviews, features, etc., contact: Michael Youens at 510.524.5820 Director of Development & Promotions Mike@AthleticModelGuild.com Sales Inquiry and Orders: Athletic Model Guild, LLC 3020 El Cerrito Plaza, Suite 114 El Cerrito, CA 94530 Phone: 877-AMG-DIRECT (877-264-3473) e-mail: sales@AthleticModelGuild.com Website: www.AthleticModelGuild.com

Title: "Rainbow Journeys" Book Seeks Inspiring True Stories Media Contact: Andy Chambliss, Anticipation Journeys Publishing, 877-665-2228, e-mail info@RainbowJourneys.com


"Rainbow Journeys" Book Seeks Inspiring True Stories

"Rainbow Journeys for the Gay and Lesbian Spirit," coming this fall, is looking for true stories from across the spectrum of gay life. The book will be an uplifting volume filled with stories of coming out and coming together, and the publishers are gathering great stories from real people.

Topics will include Coming Out, Family, Friends, Falling in Love, Overcoming Obstacles, Parenting, Legal Issues, Discovery or Orientation, Inspiration, Socializing, Growing Up, and Miscellaneous. Anyone with a story to share is encouraged to send it via e-mail to submissions@rainbowjourneys.com. Stories can also be mailed to Rainbow Journeys at P.O. Box 54082, Tulsa, OK 74155.

Stories should be between 300 and 1500 words and written in Microsoft Word or Text. Stories may also be submitted as text in the body of an e-mail. Rainbow Journeys will also include a few poems and line illustrations. All electronic submissions must include the author's name and e-mail address.

Stories submitted through the mail must include the author's name and street address. If a selected author prefers to remain anonymous in print, the publishers will respect that wish, but the publishers need all author's names and a contact address for correspondence. Authors of any item chosen for the book will receive a bionote in the book plus one complimentary copy of the volume.

Authors need not be professional writers. The volume will be edited by an experienced book author and editor. Stories will be selected for their message, not their punctuation. Deadline for submissions is July 15, 2005. Authors with stories selected for the book will be notified by July 31. Tentative release date for the book is September 15, 2005.

More information is available at https://postsnet.com/r.html?c=465252&r=464619&t=431579506&l=1&d=85997069&u=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eRainbowJourneys%2ecom%2e&g=0&f=-1

Artwork available: Electronic file in various formats available from Anticipation Journeys Publishing. Send artwork requests to info@RainbowJourneys.com. Anticipation Journeys Publishing is a new alternative publishing house based in Tulsa, OK. Anticipation Journeys is staffed by published authors and editing professionals looking to bring great books to the gay and lesbian reading public. All correspondence should be addressed to Anticipation Journeys Publishing, P.O. Box 54082, Tulsa, OK 74155 or e-mail info@RainbowJourneys.com.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Mitch Baker GMI Networks (818) 755-9213 mitch@gminetworks.com GUYPARTY.COM RE-INVENTS THE WAY GAY MEN MEET AND PLAY

WWW.GUYPARTY.COM is online and operational LOS ANGELES, CA (April 14, 2005) ? GMI Networks kicks off the launch of a new gay web site to the public and guys love what they see! Located at www.GuyParty.com on the world wide web, GuyParty.com has unleashed a whole new way for gay and bi men to meet each other, exchange photos and stats plus most importantly find out where they party and play.

GuyParty.com upgrades alternative lifestyle entertainment with the ultimate ?all-in-one? online solution for meeting that someone special or making new friends. "We're looking to do something totally different than all of the other ?hook up sites? available online today! GuyParty.com connects guys online from around the world, yet maintains a local vibe by introducing guys to the best regional clubs, hangouts, and parties.

The Guys can find places to go plus they can see other guys going and simply by way of instant messaging or e-mail, meet up with the guys who are going there too; either online before they go out or at the event. GuyParty.com promotes community based entertainment upon where the hottest gay men hang out and party." said Ty Graham, GMI Networks? founder. GuyParty.com helps gay/bi/transgender event promoters and club owners use the site?s entire all male social network to reduce the manual effort it takes when acquiring new customers and partygoers to male oriented events. GuyParty.com offsets the cost from developing an adhoc web system to manage patrons attending events with a user friendly interactive online service that provides promoters with local event specific dating options, plus regional party planning tools that increases the reach of promoting small or large events and parties.

GuyParty.com is today's modern real-time meet up and event planning web site for today's modern gay male. About GMI Networks ? General Media International Networks GMI Networks is a self-funded private company headquartered in Los Angeles, California and a leading provider of digital media technology and dating services for club promoters and the customers they serve. It assists promoters, event operators and everyday people in organizing their offline experiences in an online format for specialized delivery of digital content.

GMI Networks provides marketing and user driven dating services that drive value from the delivery of digital content through our unique Onsite-Online? suite of web products. In addition, GMI Networks develops engineering and creative services for all types of promoters, clubs, events and parties within our network of web products. For more information visit www.GMINetworks.com. ###

Author sends his gay themed novel and a shovel to
controversial Alabama lawmaker.

(Los Angeles, CA, 2/10/05)- Gay novelist, Michael
Holloway Perronne, shipped a copy of his novel, A Time
Before Me, along with a miniature shovel, to
controversial Alabama lawmaker Rep. Gerald Allen. 
Allen recently made headlines by proposing a state law
that would ban gay books, plays, and films at public
institutions, including libraries and college
campuses. The uproar over the proposed law has
managed to divide the state. Allen said regarding gay
books, "I guess we dig a big hole and dump them in and
bury them."

Perronne said in regards to shipping his novel to
Allen, "If Mr. Allen is determined to bury such great
works as The Color Purple, The Picture of Dorian Gray,
and Brideshead Revisited, then I would be honored to
have my own work buried with such classics. Mr. Allen
can use the shovel I sent him to start digging his

The idea of telling the story of Southern gays and
lesbians was exactly what inspired Perronne to write
the novel in the first place. "Coming out in the
South, I think, is a very different experience than it
is coming out in the rest of the country- both
positive and negative. When I tell people I came out
at 17 and in the Deep South (Mississippi), people
often assume it must have been a horrible time in my
life. I actually experienced the opposite. Sure,
there is homophobia there, but there's also a large
percentage of the population that's a lot more open
minded that the media presents Southerners as a whole.
It's important to me that people see that not
everyone in the South has the same mindset as Mr.

Michael Holloway Perronne's debut novel, A Time Before
Me, published by iUniverse, explores a gay teen's
search for his identity in the contrasting worlds of
small town Mississippi and the Big Easy, New Orleans.

Perronne is an adult education instructor and writer
living in Los Angeles. He has a BA from the
University of Southern Mississippi and a MFA from the
Creative Writing Workshop at the University of New
Orleans. Despite living in California, he will always
call the Deep South home.

A Time Before Me
ISBN: 0-595-33756-2
Publication Date: Dec. 2004
Retail Price: $13.95
Publisher: iUniverse

Wholesale- Available from Ingram Book Group, Baker &
Taylor, and iUniverse.
To order from the publisher call: 1-877-823-9235
Retail- Available from major on-line book retailers,
on order at any bookstore, or visit
www.michaelhperronne.com for more information.

Media Contact- including to request review copies:
Michael Holloway Perronne

Media Advisory for February 2005

Sue Chen
Women's Educational Media
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One Wedding and a Revolution Honors
One-Year Anniversary for 4,000 Same-Sex Couples

San Francisco- As the first anniversary approaches for more than 4,000 
same-sex couples married last February, the legal and political 
sparked by San Francisco city hall continue to play out in courtrooms 
and legislative offices across the country. In cities from San 
Francisco to Chicago, marriage equality advocates, film festivals, 
libraries and individuals are using the highly-acclaimed documentary 
film One Wedding and a Revolution as the centerpiece for first 
anniversary celebrations and events.

In this 20-minute film, Academy Award®-winner Debra Chasnoff goes 
behind-the-scenes at San Francisco city hall with mayor Gavin Newsom 
and his staff to reveal the political and legal challenges they faced 
when granting marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples in 
2004. It contains famous footage of the tearful exchange of wedding 
vows between long-time lesbian activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon 
who, celebrating their 51st anniversary, were the first couple to tie 
the knot.

"One Wedding and a Revolution charts a history no one will forget. It 
brilliantly captures one of the most important moments in our civil 
rights struggle with two icons of our movement as its stars," said 
Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, 
commenting on its timeless themes of social justice, equality and 

This year on February 12, the San Francisco Public Library will host a 
screening of One Wedding and a Revolution followed by a panel 
discussion about the state of equal marriage rights. Kendell will be 
joined by California assemblymember Mark Leno, author Betty Berzon and 
representatives from the Freedom to Marry Coalition and Marriage 
Equality California. Other events around San Francisco include a gala 
at city hall, where the frenzy of marriages took place last year.

In Chicago, Equality Illinois will feature One Wedding and a 
at a dinner to honor Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon with the 2005 Freedom 
Award for their lifelong commitment to LGBT civil rights.

"It's important to celebrate and recognize the historical 
of what happened last February," says Chasnoff. "The courage depicted 
in One Wedding and a Revolution will never change, no matter what the 
legal and political climate."

Packed with humor, compassion and political grit, One Wedding and a 
Revolution has won numerous awards at film festivals around the world, 
including the Special Jury Prize from the Barcelona International Gay 
and Lesbian Film Festival and Best Documentary from the Santa Barbara 
Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.
# # #

Review copies of One Wedding and a Revolution for publications only 
available from Women's Educational Media at
415-641-4616 or onewedding@womedia.org

Women's Educational Media
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Contact: Jeffrey S. Garber, President
OpusComm Group, Inc.
(315) 637-2018

New Study Reveals: Out vs. Outrageous, Gay TV Viewers Weigh In

- Nearly 70% of lesbians watch “The L Word”
- Almost 50% of viewers pick “Ellen” as their favorite performer
- Over 95% find “Six Feet Under” as the most accurate gay portrayal

Syracuse, New York – February 7, 2005 Gay men are from Mars and lesbians are from Venus when it comes to picking their favorite TV. Men gravitate toward shows featuring guys: Queer as Folk and Will & Grace; women go for “chick” shows: The L Word and The Ellen Show.

While 32% of women say The L Word is their favorite show, .5% of men do. And Queer as Folk was the favorite of 26% of the men, but 10.2% of the women. Overall, 69.9% of women watch The L Word, compared to 22.4% of men, according to a new online study conducted Dec. 10-15 by GLCensus Partners, a research partnership between OpusComm Group and S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

No matter what show they did pick, many of the 2,149 GLBT respondents are ambivalent about their image in the medium.

Case in point: Jack McFarland. The flamboyant, over-the-top character from Will & Grace was the No. 1 pick for both “most favorite” and “negative portrayal.” The show was a top five favorite for both men and women, but with reservations.

“I enjoy Will & Grace despite the fact that it is one long series of gay jokes,” said one respondent. “If Jack were a monogamous homebody like me, there would be no ratings and no show,” said another. One respondent summed it up: “Although Jack on Will & Grace portrays the worst of the stereotype of gay men, he is still the funniest of all the gay TV characters. Though I despise the stereotype, I love his comedic talents. Go figure.”

Those mixed emotions also are manifested in the fact that 47% of respondents couldn’t pick their least favorite show that featured either a GLBT character or GLBT participant in a leading role.

“This leads me to believe that the GLBT respondents are partial to GLBT shows in general, but that they also are concerned with how they are being portrayed,” said Jeff Garber, president of OpusComm Group. “Early on, they were just happy to be included. Now they want what they believe to be a fair representation.”

Glennda Testone media director of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) agrees. "It's clear that gay and lesbian viewers are expecting a more sophisticated approach to media images of our lives – and this research bears that out," said Testone. "We need to see more stories where our experiences with relationships, family and sexuality combine to create three-dimensional characters that reflect the everyday reality of who we are."

Respondents echoed that feeling: “It would be great to see gay characters in the leading roles on prime time channels ... Something where the relationship of the main characters is treated just like any other normal relationship.” Also: “Television has come along way with its portrayal of gays and lesbians in our culture but still has a long way to go … we are still the ‘funny character’ on shows.”

The level of consciousness is not the same across the board. Said one respondent: “I'm just so happy that mainstream TV is finally starting to depict real gay characters. I have struggled for years with feeling like I can't relate to characters, like I don't belong. This new trend has gotten me interested in TV again.”

The survey did show that there was one thing all the respondents – men and women – could agree on. When asked: Who is your favorite GLBT participant who has a recurring role on a reality TV show or talk show? The overwhelming favorite was Ellen DeGeneres of The Ellen Show. Overall, 49.9% picked Ellen, 70% among women and 38.7% of men.

“There’s Ellen and then there is everyone else, mostly the Queer Eye guys,” said professor Amy Falkner of Syracuse University, lead researcher. “Perhaps it’s the history here with Ellen, her coming out on national television. GLBT people feel a connection with her and her struggles.”

Both the characters of Ben Brucker and Michael Novotny from Queer as Folk take the No. 2 and 3 spots on the most positive male portrayal, but don’t make the top five in the most favorite category. Ben and Michael portray a couple.

“Perhaps relationships earn respect from the male GLBT audience,” said Garber, “but they might not be as interesting to watch as ‘wild singles.’”

Queer As Folk (26%), Will & Grace (24.1%) and Six Feet Under (19.9%) were the men’s favorite TV show featuring either a GLBT character or a GLBT participant, while The L Word (32%), The Ellen Show (18.7%) and Queer as Folk and ER (10.2% each) were the women’s choices.

The most watched show among the GLBT respondents was Will & Grace; Degrassi was the least watched show; Six Feet Under was the most accurate show; and Reno 911! was the least accurate show.

“This is not that surprising given that Will & Grace is on broadcast TV and Degrassi targets a very niche, younger audience,” said Falkner. “But the accuracy ratings are interesting, as only 11% said they thought Will & Grace was very accurate, which comparatively is a very low percentage. Six Feet Under’s showing is impressive – 95.2% said they thought it was at least somewhat accurate. ER and The L Word are the next closest in the high 80 percentiles. Since Reno is intended as a spoof on Comedy Central, it does very poorly in accuracy. But such low accuracy ratings – 81% said it was at least somewhat inaccurate – are a bit of a wonder why GLBT people would watch it at all.”

Other results:

Favorite leading female GLBT character on a fictional television show. No. 1 was Kerry Weaver of ER, played by Laura Innes: 22.2% overall, 24.4% among women, 21.1% among men. Men favored Melanie Marcus of Queer as Folk, played by Michelle Clunie, and Lindsay Peterson, also of Queer as Folk, played by Thea Gill. After Kerry Weaver, lesbians divided their favorites among the women of The L Word: Alice Pieszeck, played by Leisha Hailey, and Shane McCutcheon, played by Katherine Moenning, were the favorites. They were followed by Bette Porter, played by Jennifer Beals, and Marina Ferrer, played by Katrina Lombard. Leisha Hailey is the only self-identified bisexual character on The L Word and the only out real-life lesbian on the show.

Bad boys: Although Jack McFarland of Will & Grace made the top of the negative portrayal list at 30.2%, close on his heels was the bed-hopping Brian of Queer as Folk with 30%. Women thought Brian worst (32.6%) than the men (29%).

Hate her, wouldn’t want to date her: No contest for the women: the sometimes-with-men-sometimes-with-women Jenny Schecter of The L Word, played by Mia Kirshner, was the female TV character portrayed most negatively, with 37.2%.

Favorite GLBT reality show contestant: The men (12.8%) carried Rob Williams of Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model to the top of the pack (8.3% overall). The women put Ami Cusack of Survivor: Vanuatu in second place (6.7% overall) by picking her as their top choice (15.3%).

Unreal: A whopping 53.9% said they did not watch any of the reality TV shows on the survey: American Candidate, Amish in the City, Big Brother 5, Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model, Road Rules Battle of the Sexes 2, Road Rules X-treme, Survivor: Vanuatu, The Benefactor, The Biggest Loser, The Complex: Malibu and The Real World: Philadelphia. The reality shows listed in the survey were only those that featured a GLBT participant.

Favorite Queer Eye guy? Depends if you’re asking a lesbian or a gay man. Lesbians like the sharp-tongue Carson, while gay men like pretty-boy Kyan. But lots of GLBT viewers like them all. Said one: “The Queer Eye boys, oddly enough, in their fun-loving way do come across as being true to themselves.”

Little commonality: GLBT viewing habits are different than the general TV audience. The top five shows for GLBT viewers: Will & Grace, Queer as Folk, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Six Feet Under and CSI. The five top shows for general TV viewers (Nielsen top shows Dec. 13-19): Desperate Housewives, CSI- Miami, CSI – Scene Investigation, 60 Minutes and The Apprentice 2.

Where are the women? “The lack of women’s names on these lists, especially the reality shows, is disturbing,” said one respondent. “Television needs realistic portrayals of lesbians. Our invisibility is unacceptable.”

And GLBT of color? “Where are the characters I can relate to: queer, non-white, middle-of-the-road, non-gym obsessed, quirky, intelligent, complex, working class? Oh, that’s right … it won’t sell.”

Revolutionary idea: “I would like more the roles of GLBT characters to actually be played by GLBT actors.

The GLCensus Partners is a partnership between the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and advertising and public relations firm OpusComm Group, Inc., which specializes in consultation of sensitivity issues and market plan development for all types of advertisers to target the GLBT community.

For further information and to review a full summary of the “Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census”, contact Jeffrey Garber, president of OpusComm Group at jeff@opuscommgroup.com (315) 637-2018 or visit www.glcensus.org.

# # #


GLCensus Partners (www.glcensus.org) Study - A Syracuse University and OpusComm Group research partnership

The world leader in GLBT consumer research includes:

- The S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University (www.syracuse.edu) - One of the world’s leading academic and research institutions in the field of communications.

- OpusComm Group (www.opuscommgroup.com) - Innovative Advertising, Marketing, Communication, Research and Public Relations experts on the Gay/Lesbian market.

Jeffrey S. Garber President OpusComm Group, Inc. 834 Oakwood Street Syracuse, New York 13066 email: jeff@opuscommgroup.com tel: 315 637-2018 fax: 315 637-2015 cell: 315-882-1957

www.glcensus.org "World's leader in GLBT consumer research"

For Immediate Release
February 4, 2005

Sue Chen
Media Relations Coordinator
The Respect for All Project
a program of Women's Educational Media
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415-641-4632 fax

The following op-ed by Debra Chasnoff about the recent PBS censorship 
of Buster the Bunny was published in the Washington Post today. Please 
contact Sue Chen at the Respect For All Project for more information.

Op-Ed published in the Washington Post

Bluster Over Buster
by Debra Chasnoff

Last week I experienced deja vu. PBS-the Public Broadcasting 
Service-decided not to distribute an episode of its cartoon "Postcards 
>From Buster" in which Buster the animated bunny meets two children 
whose parents are lesbians. The same day the secretary of education 
sent PBS a letter demanding that the network not air this show. "Many 
parents would not want their young children exposed to the lifestyles 
portrayed in the episode," she wrote. She also asked PBS to return 
federal funds used to make the episode.

I flashed back to 1999, when a documentary I directed, "It's 
Elementary-Talking About Gay Issues in School," was offered for 
broadcast through American Public Television. The film shows how and 
why schools are finding age-appropriate ways to address gay and lesbian 
issues in education-confronting rampant anti-gay name-calling, helping 
students to discuss gay-related topics as part of lessons on current 
events and reading books that have characters with gay parents.

When "It's Elementary" was scheduled to air on public television, PBS 
received more letters of protest than for any other program in its 
history. And what was PBS's response? Said Robert Conrad, then 
president of the network: "This sounds to me like a program that helps 
parents do a better job of parenting, and that is the kind of thing 
that public broadcasting has a right to do."

"It's Elementary" went on to air on more than 300 public television 
stations around the country, inspiring thousands of school communities 
to be more active in confronting prejudice and intolerance.

No such courage last week. Explaining why the network yanked the show, 
Lea Sloan, vice president of media relations at PBS, said, "We wanted 
to make sure that parents had an opportunity to introduce this subject 
to their children in their own time."

What world are Education Secretary Margaret Spellings and the 
executives at PBS living in? It seems they think that there is one 
world where all the families and children live and another, separate 
one where all those gay people live.

Apparently it's up to (straight) parents to decide when to open the 
borders and let their children have a controlled peek at the other 
side. At this point in American history, that position is not only 
ridiculous, it's insulting and highly irresponsible. Millions of 
children have a parent, uncle, aunt, cousin, sibling or grandparent who 
is gay. Thousands of dedicated teachers, school administrators and 
coaches are gays or lesbians. What kind of message are we sending to 
our youth when we say that their loved ones and trusted mentors aren't 
safe for children to meet on TV?

Even if we keep Buster the bunny from visiting children whose parents 
are gay, we can't put the rabbit back in the hat. Gay people and gay 
issues are part of everyone's world now, including that of our 
children. Our only choice is whether we step up and give kids the 
skills and opportunities to treat everyone respectfully, or whether we 
try to perpetuate a false silence around the real lives of millions of 
Americans, a silence that is damaging to all young people.

There seems to be a fear that if we allow depictions of families on 
public TV that don't seem "typical" then somehow we are encouraging 
children to go out and create those kinds of families instead of the 
"real" or "legitimate" kind. In fact, when we give young people the 
opportunity to see that there are all types of family structures, we 
are helping to lay the foundation for them to understand and respect 
differences of all kinds, a skill that has never been more needed.

Do we really want our public broadcasting network's funding to be 
contingent on how the education secretary thinks families should be 
portrayed on TV? PBS says its mission is to use "the power of 
noncommercial television . . . to enrich the lives of all Americans 
through quality programs and education services that inform, inspire 
and delight." All Americans includes all kids, regardless of which 
combination of adults comes together to love and nurture them.

The writer is a filmmaker and winner of a 1991 Academy Award for best 
documentary short subject. She is director of the Respect for All 
Project (www.respectforall.org), which works to advance understanding 
of diversity among young people.


Patric "Pipa" Stillman
Owner, Oak Grove Oracle
Phone: 619-269-3694
E-mail: ogo@oakgroveoracle.com
Release: BT-02-02-05 

Gay Books In Review: Brotherhood Tarot

San Diego - February 2, 2005 - Brotherhood Tarot is a gay-inspired 
Deck created by San Diego digital artist Patric Stillman. The Tarot 
released in early January by Oak Grove Oracle, a gay-owned multimedia 
business with a mission to explore the creative arts of Radical Faeries 
and create an on-line community that represents the wide range of 
artistry within these GLBT folks.

Brotherhood Tarot - A Review by Chris Butler

Very often in life you find it's a case of feast or famine. I'd often 
wondered about working with a tarot deck that comprised of specifically 
gay themed images. When I came to search for one however, all I could 
turn up was an out of print, esoteric and ultra sexually explicit tarot 
that was going to prove very difficult to get hold of. I have no 
objections to the explicit bit, but the Golden Dawn thing really didn't 
do it for me, let alone the fact that I'd end up paying a fortune for 
such a rare deck!

To my joy therefore, two really excellent gay decks have appeared on 
the market within the space of six months of each other. The first of 
these was the 'Gay Tarot' by Lee Bursten and Antonella Platano, 
published by Lo Scarabeo. Now we have Patric Stillman's 
wonderful 'Brotherhood Tarot' published by Oak Grove Oracle.

I find myself liking and working with both decks for different reasons. 
Lee's deck employs standard illustration and seeks to depict gay men in 
various everyday life settings. By contrast, and to my joy, Patric's 
wonderful new deck is more spirituality based and connects to a 
different aspect of my life as a gay man.

To deal with practicalities first, the deck has been produced for Oak 
Grove by U.S. Games inc and as such it is of the highest quality. The 
card stock is suitably substantial and has a glorious silk finish that 
feels good to handle and allows for easy shuffling. The cards 
are as tall as the more standard decks but somewhat wider, giving them 
an imposing feel. They could be potentially difficult to handle for 
those with smaller hands but as the majority of people employing this 
deck are likely to be male, this is not likely to be a problem. There 
are eighty cards - the standard seventy-eight card deck plus title and 
biography cards. The tasteful design of the packaging is representative 
of the overall high standard of the deck.

The artwork itself represents Patric's passion for gay history, myth 
legend. It also speaks strongly of the Radical Faerie movement that 
means so much to him. Hence, scenes from myth and history sit 
comfortably alongside images of everyday life, such as the motorcycle 
rider in the Chariot card. All of this is couched within a celebration 
of the West Coast landscape. What results is a set of images that 
somehow insinuate themselves into your heart and touch you in an 
affectionate but also deeply transcendent manner.

I find it difficult to fully articulate the effect this deck has had on 
me. It has only been in my hands for several days at the time of 
this and I have only performed several readings with it as yet. Despite 
this, it has become a constant companion and I find myself continually 
leafing through the cards and losing myself in the world that they 
portray. In this world my sexuality and spirituality are celebrated as 
one and I am allowed to connect with nature in a profound and 
way. What I really love is the absence of the kind of body fascism that 
has always been evident in the gay community but is particularly potent 
in the present day. This deck utterly rejects it and we are presented 
with men of all shapes, sizes and ages standing along side each other 
and celebrating that they are equally beautiful. The world of 
pornography and the wider world of advertising would teach us that to 
beautiful we must be muscled, square jawed and under forty. That is not 
the case here; rather we see real men and to be perfectly honest, it's 
far sexier and much more meaningful.

Anyone with a working knowledge of the Rider - Waite System will adapt 
easily to this deck as Patric has used that system as his foundation. 
Like Lee's deck, the minor cards do not always employ the corresponding 
number of 'pip' symbols, rather they are self-contained compositions 
one soon adjusts to this. Each suit follows the theme of a specific gay 
myth or history, which brings an added coherence. I particularly love 
the suit of cups, which depicts the love of Zeus for Ganymede - their 
airborne lovemaking as depicted on the six of cups is particularly 
beautiful. Another truly moving card is the Two of Swords - a literal 
restaging of the Waite card but using a male figure. It knocks you 
sideways to see an image you normally take for granted presented in 
a seemingly obvious but albeit new way. To be frank, I also really love 
the Seven of Cups but that's got a lot to do with the fact that I find 
the model to be profoundly beautiful!

Among the Majors there is a similar combination of insight and 
originality. Strength is shown as the power of the wind - a face 
within a gusting cloud. The Emperor is a truly powerful and pagan 
who speaks of a solid connection to the earth and a ferocious masculine 
power held in restraint. The 'female' cards are quite enigmatic in that 
they use male figures and make no attempt to cover it. There is no 
'dragging up' here, rather you see men displaying truly feminine 
this enriches rather than stunting true maleness. The Devil card is 
truly inspires. It shows a leather/ bondage/ domination scene with a 
master and two slaves. In such a scenario the slaves are there through 
their own freewill which is such a good parallel to draw with the 
Devil's entrapments. The most powerful and surreal of all the cards 
however must be the Tower, this is shown as a great, surreal looking 
tree. This particular image cannot be fully described in words and I 
advise you to experience it for yourself.

I love this deck. I can see that it will become a regular tool for my 
readings and I also know that it will be used on a regular basis in my 
role as a reader for many of my gay clients. It may not be the best 
for beginners, due to its specialized nature - I would always recommend 
that the newcomer learn with the Rider Waite. For those with basic 
knowledge or more, who are looking for a deck that celebrates gay 
sexuality and spirituality this is beyond praise. Use it to answer 
specific questions of life, love and relationship, but above all, as a 
gay man, use it to celebrate the wonders of who you are. Then it has 
truly served its purpose.

Chris Butler was born 1967 in the North West of England. He holds a 
degree in Theology from Heythrop College, University of London. Along 
with Stephen du Toit and Dimitri Devdariani, he is a partner in 'Magic 
Factory', a new production company dedicated to collaborative 
arts projects (www.magicfactory.org.uk). Chris has an acquaintance with 
the Tarot that spans over twenty years. He is the creator of the Inner 
Landscape Tarot and, along with Dimitri, he is writing the accompanying 
book (www.butlerart.co.uk).

For more information you may log on to www.OakGroveOracle.com.

- END -

For media resources and images for web and print use, go to: 

Oak Grove Oracle
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Contact: Kathy J. Galin
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What's Knot To Like?

People are always looking for unique ways to represent their 

This holds true for same-sex couples as well as traditional couples, 
parent / child and family relationships, and even friendships. Since 
9/11, many who took loved ones for granted, realize how precious and 
fragile life is.

Diamond rings and wedding bands are not used exclusively to 
represent non-traditional relationships anymore. Although there will 
always be a place for these rings, many are looking for new ways to 
express their feelings that are as unique as they are.

After meeting her dream partner through a personal ad, designer 
Kathy Galin was inspired to design a line of jewelry to meet the needs 
of unusual situations like hers. Kathy's jewelry made a statement about 
her own "Significant Other," which became her web site, 

Her latest creation is the "Forget-Me-Knot." Kathy explains, "This 
piece symbolizes two strong forces becoming even stronger when they 
unite. In the same respect, two people can link together in the spirit 
of love and cooperation, without losing their individuality. Couples 
are exchanging "Forget-Me-Knots" instead of traditional wedding rings."

For more information about Kathy's unique commitment rings and 
jewelry, contact her at 860-633-4523, or for more ideas, see 


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Nations Largest Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Firm.

Gay Mortgage Loans, Inc. (HYPERLINK
"https://www.gaymortgageloans.com/"www.gaymortgageloans.com) announced
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loan product referrals, to the nations largest gay real estate firm.

HYPERLINK "https://www.gayrealestate.com/"www.gayrealestate.com and it's
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GayMortgageLoans.com to provide mortgage services to it's clients.

"The commitment of GayMortgageLoans.com to pre-screen mortgage
professionals, provide valuable information for the gay, lesbian and
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access to a large variety of lenders and lending institutions, serves
the GLBT community best, we believe", says Jeff Hammerberg, President 
of Gay Real Estate, Inc.

"Our customers have direct, immediate access with multiple options - a
simple solution for them in the often complicated process of buying a
home or vacation property".

Gay Mortgage Loans offers an on-line 2 minute mortgage application, 
mortgage calculators, an introduction to loan programs, along with a
mortgage glossary and tips, all at no fee to the consumer.

"Our mission at GayMortgageLoans.com is very clear," says Kathy Welsh,
V.P. of Communication. "We want to ensure that members of the gay,
lesbian and transgender community have a resource that can guide them 
quality mortgage professionals who will represent them without bias in
the purchase or refinance of a property."

For more information please visit HYPERLINK

Rainbow Sash Movement calls on the Diocese of Orange, California to 
Save Innocent Children of Gay Parents from fundamentalist Zealots. 

A story is unfolding in the Diocese of Orange, in California. Catholic 
fundamentalists are accusing the Diocese of Orange County of violating 
church doctrine. 

A group of parents at St. John the Baptist School in Costa Mesa, 
California are upset that the school has enrolled two boys in 
kindergarten whose parents are gay men; they want the school to expel 
the students. We applaud the school's overseer, Rev. Martin Benzoni, 
who said he will accept the children to the school, telling the LA 
Times, "I firmly believe that this policy is in line with the teaching 
of the Catholic Church." 

Joe Murray the US Convener of the Rainbow Sash Movement said on a 
prudential level, it makes no sense to single out kids for retribution 
whose parents are gay. Unfortunately, the concept of Gay Parents has 
never entered the radar scope of the Catholic Hierarchy in a serious 
way. I am encouraged that Bishop Tod Brown of the Diocese of Orange 
will not bend to demand of these Catholic Zealots.

Murray further said "what should be done about kids who were born 
out-of-wedlock? What about those kids of divorced and remarried 
people, or single parents? Should we expel kids whose parents are 
cohabiting? This is a slippery slop, and I am confident the Fr. Martin 
Benzoni understands this, as does Bishop Brown. 

We are saddened that fundamentalist Catholics would use innocent 
children to push their anti Gay agenda. The School officials of St. 
John Baptist are rightfully championing the rights of Gay Parents to 
send their children to Catholic Schools. Some Catholic Bishops have 
found the back bone to speak out against this radical fundamentalist 
nonsense in the Catholic Church, and Bishop Brown joins those voices 
of reason within the Catholic Church.

Contact Person:
Dennis Kluge
National Medai/Outreach Chair
Rainbow Sash Movement



LONG BEACH, CA - The Carpenter Center (6200 Atherton, Long Beach 562-985-7000 www.carpenterarts.org) will present a brand new cabaret show from singer Connie Rouse on Friday February 4 at 8 pm. Celebrating her upcoming recording, this show, "Dreaming With My Eyes Open," features new songs in the intimate setting backstage on the Carpenter Center Stage. Reserved seats are $35 plus facility fee and are available at intimate cabaret tables of 2 or 4 or larger groups of 10 from the box office in person, on the Internet at www.carpenterarts.org or by phone at 562-985-7000.

"Dreaming With My Eyes Open" is Ms. Rouse’s exploration of her own journey to listen to and become comfortable with her voice. While she has received accolades from the time she was in grade school to standing ovations for her work around Chicago and in Long Beach and as a frequent featured soloist in Los Angeles, like many people, she has struggled to find a place to accept and celebrate herself.

The belief of her grandmother that she had a great instrument is what has brought her to this special evening on the backstage of the Carpenter Center to share her life’s positive journey through songs like Defying Gravity, God Bless the Child and Better Days, a tribute to her grandmother. While audience members may know her voice, they probably don’t know her story.

The evening will feature a five-piece band led by local guitarist Stan Dewitt. Beer and wine will be available for purchase beginning at 7:30 when the doors open.

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