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Licensing of Game Components

Reality Street is a totally original creation, a new type of online game. The game includes two major components: (1) The game engine, and (2) The Natural Language Processing Engine. Both of these components can be licensed for reasonable fees for non-exclusive games and for exclusive use at a substantially higher rate.

The game engine uses a number of databases for game play. Other types of games using the Reality Street game engine can be created. Rather than writing the C++ code all over for another game, the entire code structure can be used, and only the information in the databases needs to be changed. A heterosexually oriented version of the game would be very successful we are sure. Games can be created set in any type of a place or world, such as aboard a star ship, a foreign country, an alien planet or beneath the sea, to name but a few scenarios.

The natural language engine is called by the game when it is needed. This engine allows the characters who live within the game, (which we call residents) to have interactive meaningful conversations with the human players. The game allows the players to date the residents and have virtual sexual encounters, among other things.

Interactions between players and residents are controlled by databases, allowing any types of characters to be created. We have our own database application available to simplify the writing of characters. Characters have physical characteristics, as well as attitudes, motivations and history. They also have likes and dislikes. These factors can also affect game play.

The residents in the game can carry on conversations about a large number of subjects. The information that makes this possible is contained in files we call Knowledge Bases. Although database like, they are text files, thus easy to change and add things too.

Different types of information is contained in different knowledge bases. Thus, another game could make direct use of the general knowledge bases, without having to rewrite them. There is a Knowledge Base Utility program for editing and formatting these files.

In addition to the game/language engine program itself, there is the character configuration database application, and an application that numbers specific types of lines in the knowledge bases. There is also a nightly maintenance program that runs at night which takes care of scoring and housekeeping tasks. All programs are 32-bit and written for WIN95 and Windows NT in C++. (Programming is being updated for Windows XP and Windows 2000.) The game program has a server component using TCP/IP which is accessed with a client user interface that is written in Java. The client software is easy to install. Initially, Windows and Apple platforms are supported. Additional platforms including all major gaming systems will be added shortly after launch.

The game package also includes a Movement Management Engine which provides an easy to use graphical interface for programming all resident character movements and it also provides error checking of the street and building databases. There is a Movement Engine which runs in the background (an NT service) which moves the resident characters around the game. Residents walk to work, carry out their jobs, go to lunch, take breaks, walk home and in their free time go out to have fun and take care of ordinary tasks just like real people. The Movement Management program keeps track of all of the characters movements and activities in the game making it practical to control hundreds of characters. When a player talks to a resident, the resident "knows" where they are, what they are doing, where they are going and when, and the conversational responses take all this into account.

The game package also includes a Membership Management System for handling player signups and realtime payment processing. It handles notices and expirations. The game package includes an Advertising Management System for handling advertising, sponsorships and product placements within the game. The residents even have wardrobes which can be specified and changed.

Reality Street offers the only online game engine of this type and the only natural language processing engine that is available for licensing for use in different types of games. The language engine is also available for licensing separately for use in games, customer response systems, and interactive training. Check around for the cost of licensing language engines with a fraction of the power and then talk to us.

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