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Advertising & Product Placement Opportunities

Attention national and local advertisers. Reality Street offers many opportunities for product placements, just like in the movies. There are also many opportunities to advertise national and local businesses. Even have a business named after yours and use it to provide information on your real business. Because this game is a detailed simulation of real life, ads and product placements will be natural and can be easily implemented and used effectively without irritating the game players.

Advertising can take many forms, just as in the real world. Billboards can be placed on the sides of buildings, ads can be placed in the newspaper that goes to all players, your products can actually have promotion and a use in game play. Businesses in the game can be named after your business and when the business is contacted in the game, the player is told about its other (real life) locations. Players can go into shops and see your product displayed and can get more information on it. There are many ways to incorporate products into the game.

Another example is clothing. The residents of the game have databases which can actually detail the clothing they are wearing. We can promote all types of articles of clothing by, in part, dressing the residents of the game in those items. This is just one example of the innovation used in this game.

Rates are very reasonable. Contact us for more information.

Special rates are available now for advertisers who sign up in advance of game launch, plus you get guaranteed placement and enjoy the advantage of the public exposure when the game launches later this year.

Click to send Email to: Dan Schramm, CEO, Reality Street Corporation

Additional Contact Information

Licensing: Licenses of the language engine are available.

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