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Resources and Features

The underlying public interest purpose of this game is the prevention of HIV/STD transmission. The game takes a totally new approach to teaching HIV prevention and safe sex. Rather than preaching, it takes you through a simulation of real life -- your life -- and you can find out for yourself what can happen. The game is a very detailed simulation of real life and it will achieve (to varying degress based upon the individual) beneficial modifications of unsafe sexual behavior.

The game was originally designed to operate on computer bulletin board systems and the screens are done in what is called ANSI graphics. This is being updated for the game to operate on the web.

The Entry Area of the game has a safe sex survey. The survey results do not include the players name or any other identifying information. The results of the survey are for statistical purposes. Later, the questionnaire will be able to provide individuals with an analysis of their risk level and other safer sex information.

The Entry Area contains HIV and Safe Sex information and a complete database of all HIV testing locations in the United States together with specific information on each location.

Part of the work we have already accomplished is an operating system for the Entry Area that allows us to easily modify the menu system. The menu system is designed to provide search and retrevial of information from databases, run questionnaires and write the questionnaire answers into a database, and display text files. The menu system allows menus and features multiple levels deep. A questionnaire scripting system allows us to create sophiticated branching questionnaires. The questionnaire system is also used for asking a new player questions in order to create the players character for the game. When the questionnaire is completed, the players information is written to a database and they can then enter the game itself.

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