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Reality Street: An EnterActive Game of Gay Decisions

We Need Your Help!

This game is very unique, and in addition to being lots of fun to play, it will also benefit the gay/lesbian community in a number of ways. No online game on this level for the gay community has ever been attempted. The creation of this game is a gigantic task. We have put over $140,000 into the programming of this game and we are now spending more to get it working on the Web. We had hoped to obtain additional funding to produce a full version for CD-ROM and online play, but that has not been possible. We will have an online version of the game that will be playable with any web browser available within a couple of months, which is being funded out of our pockets. However, the game needs a great deal of content, which is frankly beyond our means to provide entirely ourselves. We need your help. You can receive one or more years of free game play, onscreen credit, and possibly cash payments and other prizes. You'll help make this game more enjoyable for everyone.

Creative Artists Wanted

Architectural type drawings of building exteriors and interiors, street scenes and other scenes from the game are needed. Work at home. Draw on paper or all electronic, your choice. Pick a building to design. Design the outside, inside or the entire thing. See the MAP images for an overview of the Reality Street neighborhood and the buildings in it. We also need illustrations for other parts of the neighborhood and views within it, such as the park, the river, the cemetary, junk yard and fountain.

In addition to the streets and buildings shown, we want to expand the town southward and have a neighborhood for lesbians. Ideas for the design of this part of the neighborhood are invited as are illustrations of buildings and interiors.

Additional art needed includes the streets and alleys. A nighttime and daytime skyline view is also needed. There is a good section and bad section to the neighborhood. There are commercial, industrial buildings and residential apartment buildings and single family homes. The biggest buildings are 2 or 3 stories. There is a subway station underground as well as secret tunnels. There are no vehicles in the neighborhood.

Author's Wanted

Are you a creative writer? Are you good at developing characters? We need writers to develop the residents who live and work within the Reality Street neighborhood. These residents are very realistic and have physical characteristics, personalities, emotions and morals, as well as likes/dislikes and a personal history. We make the character development easy by providing a complete database application which requires you to just fill in the blanks. Every entry has a complete help file, just click on the entry box. You can DOWNLOAD the Character Configuration Database Application right now.

Files for Character Development Application

Step One: Click on the file and Save to Disk. Then using RUN or File Manager, click on the file name and it will install itself. This 32-bit application is for Windows 95 and Windows NT only. It has a professional installation using Install Shield and provides an uninstall option for when you are done using the program.

Character Config Install 4,637K

This is a self-extracting zip file and you do not need to use PKUNZIP, WINZIP or a similar program. Using WIN95 or NT, click "RUN" and enter the file name. Press "ENTER"

Knowledge Base Compilers

In the game preview section you will see some of the Knowledge Bases. These are text and database files that contain general and gay related knowledge which is used by the language engine to allow the residents of the game to converse with the human players on numerous relevant subjects. If you are interested in helping to research and compile a Knowledge Base or a subject area within one, please send e-mail to GLINN Publishing for more information.

Conversational Script Writing

The game uses a language engine that allows the computerized residents of the game to have interactive meaningful conversations with the human players. Conversations can be free-form or can be related to the resident's job, location, and other factors. How conversations go can also be dependent upon the mood the resident is in, and what the resident is doing at the time. Ultimately, players will want to get to know certain residents and earn enough goodwill or interest from the resident to have a sexual encounter with the resident.

There are many stock conversations in the game based upon the residents job, which are controlled by scripts. The script language allows conditional responses, branching to other scripts and controlled returns. The most basic script allows a resident to do his or her job, such as a bartender. Writers are needed to write scripts for the characters. Full instructions are provided. Sample scripts and instructions will be on this site shortly. If you are good at writing conversations, or just want to try your hand at it, write the webmaster for more information and a list of residents/jobs and other things that conversational scripts are needed for. By looking at the neighborhood maps and at the businesses and other things within the community, you will get a good idea of the types of jobs and thus conversational scripts needed.

Please click the NEXT button for more detailed information.

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