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GLINN Offers Banner Ads and Other Ways to Reach the Gay/Lesbian Market


The Original Gay News Distribution Service and operating for over 15 years. Send your news release to all gay media in the United States and Canada for only $35.00. Gay advertising agencies, organizations, overseas gay publications and interested individuals have also signed up for our news distribution service. The BIG FEATURE is our RSS/XML GLINN Gay News Feed which is now on over 125 sites with over 10,000 page impressions a week. For full information please visit the Gay Media Database site for full information and to sign up.

Do you want to reach the gay/lesbian/bisexual market? Do you want to reach people in the gay/lesbian media and other decision makers? Want to reach people who buy products and spend money?

GLINN.COM, The Gay Gateway to the Web draws a wide range of people from the gay/lesbian and bisexual community. Take a look around the site plus all the GLINN sites we link too, and see what we have to offer. Then decide if we are the right fit for you. Our rates are low and it is easy and inexpensive to test your ad on the GLINN sites of your choice or on a Run Of Sites basis.

If you are not already sold on the gay/lesbian market, click on Gay Demographics for articles on the demographics of this market. Also visit the Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census site for more information. GLINN News Distribution is the exclusive distributor of news for OpusCommGroup, the producer of the Gay/Lesbian Census.

Advertise on GLINN Sites

BANNER ADVERTISING- Specific Placement

At this time GLINN Media offers space for banner advertising. Advertisers can purchase ads on specific pages, or as ROS (Run Of Site(s). You can pick the pages you want your ad to appear on. Standard banner ads are available in most areas, at rates ranging from a low of $5 to $150 per month. Advertising rates are based on the banner ad running for one month on the specific page. Banner ads are limited to 468x60 pixels and 5k.

Run of Site placements and multiple site insertions of ROS advertising is available at substantial discounts and provides an effective way to reach a large audience at reasonable prices. Cost per thousand is as low as $15.00 in ROS packages. You can pick the range of impressions you would like and GLINN will pick the pages from among its range of gay sites to achieve that number of impressions.

Comments on Advertising Rates: With the dot bomb implosion of the internet, advertising rates dropped drastically. Many companies have gone out of business as a result. Since then advertising rates have begun climbing back up. However, there is a big difference in a general audience site and a site that can deliver specific niche traffic such as GLINN. Many sites also obtained what is known as junk traffic which were impressions that they counted and sold but which delivered few click-throughs or sales. GLINN does not have junk traffic. GLINN does not buy traffic. GLINN has high quality gay and lesbian visitors that will increase the profile of your business in the GLBT community, and deliver sales and inquiries.

GLINN does not sell advertising on the basis of click-throughs or sales. If you have an affiliate program we will consider participating. GLINN sites are fairly basic and due to our low rates we do not provide detailed statistics or reporting. Testing out advertising on GLINN is inexpensive and not a risk. The response you receive is not an issue totally of impressions but on the quality of your banner ad and the level of interest it generates in the GLBT individuals who visit our sites.

ROS ADVERTISING RATES - Impressions per Month

500 Impressions $10
1,000 Impressions $25
2,000 Impressions $55
3,000 Impressions $70
4,000 Impressions $90
5,000 Impressions $115

At this time, more than 5,000 impressions per month is not practical nor would it be effective. ROS placement is based on cost per thousand. Your ad will not necessarily be on the same pages for the entire month and it will likely be on a combination of lower traffic pages than on the index pages of our major sites, depending on specific placement orders and the needs of GLINN in cross promoting our own sites.

Advertising Subject to Approval:

All advertising placements are subject to approval. Advertising acceptability is related to the type and tone of the advertising banner and the customer's desired placement of that banner. Advertising that is out of place or inappropriate to the specific site will be rejected for that specific placement. GLINN will accept advertising for products and services which compete with our own, generally speaking. However, we will not accept advertising for another news distribution service. GLINN will not accept advertising for sites engaging in exploitation such as gambling sites or pyramid schemes, nor will we accept advertising for anti-gay sites or purposes. Unethical practices will not be supported. GLINN does not engage in questionable conduct such as pop-up ads or opening countless windows. Advertising placed under false pretenses will be cancelled. There are no refunds.

Future Advertising Opportunities

In early 2003 GLINN will be launching its 24 hour internet GayTunes Radio station (GLINN Radio) which will offer advertising on the site together with radio commercials. GayTunes Radio will also be broadcast over the air in Key West, FL. It will receive significant promotion. GLINN is also exploring the possibilities of launching a television channel, but at minimum will be producing programming and purchasing blocks of time on tourist information and other channels in southeast Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach) and the Florida Keys. Programming will also be streamed in live and recorded versions from our web site at GLINN will also produce specific programming which will accept advertising on video tape and the video tapes will be distributed free or at low cost to gay nightclubs, restaurants and other venues. They will also be shown at gay pride events.

Purchase Advertising Now

You can purchase advertising space on GLINN sites right now by using PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, it is easy to sign up if you have a major credit card. You will first go to our signup page to collect general and advertising specific information. You will then be taken to the secure payment page.


If you would like to advertise on GLINN without using PayPal, payment in the form of a check or money order can be mailed to our office. Please email us or call the office to discuss your advertising needs. We can provide quotes for advertising on specific pages. You can also sponsor specific news pages and we will update the news on that page with greater frequency than normal and you will get the credit as well as advertising impressions.

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